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iXXXi Connect Bracelets

Proud to announce... our new concept iXXXi Connect. iXXXi Connect offers the freedom and possibility to create your own bracelets and necklaces. You can vary endlessly with the stainless steel chains, links and connecting links in the plating color of your choice. iXXXi Connect is available in the plating colors gold, rose gold and silver.

You put together an iXXXi Connect jewelry piece by combining different chains, links and connecting links. All these elements consist of their own design and give a certain look to your iXXXi Connect bracelet. Finding it difficult to get started putting together a Connect bracelet yourself? No problem, we have placed a few of our iXXXi Connect favourites on the website for you. This way, you can put a composed iXXXi bracelet directly into your shopping basket according to your desired bracelet size. Do you want to make your bracelet even more personal? Then add a Connect charm and/or combine with the charms and pendants of iXXXi Jewelry collection. There's always an iXXXi Connect jewelry piece to suit your personality and taste!

Buy a compound bracelet?

Compose your iXXXi Connect bracelet yourself by choosing from different chains, links and connecting links to connect. Once you've chosen your chains, add connecting links to finish off your bracelet. Finding it difficult to put together an iXXXi Connect bracelet by yourself? Or just don't know what to choose? Then take a look at our assembled bracelets and get inspired. Check out our iXXXi Connect bracelets here.

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