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Top change rings, what are they exactly? Have you also fallen in love with our new Fall Collection, but are you curious what Top change rings and Top Parts are? We’ve got you covered! Here we also give an explanation about the meaning of all the symbols. This way you know which Top Part matches you best…

Top change rings

Top change rings are new in our Fall Collection, and consist of three parts, namely the Top Part Base ring, the Top Part itself and a matching transparent rubber band for reinforcement.

How does it work?

The Top Part Base is a fill ring that can be placed on an iXXXi base ring. This is like the name suggests, a base ring to which you can attach the Top Part. On one base ring fits one Top Part. You screw the Top Part onto the Top Part Base. To reinforce this even better, the Top Part has a transparent elastic rubber band attached to it, to secure the Top Part into place.

Which symbol matches your story?

Each Top Part has its own meaning, and therefore also its own symbolic value. The fun part about the Top Parts is that you can really express your own story with the Top Parts. For example, you can wear them single, in combination with other fill rings. But you can also combine several Top Parts with each other. This way you can express yourself, and you show what is important to you.

You can choose Top Parts in the same color as the Top Part base, but of course you don't have to!
You can create your own combination by switching it up. All Top change rings are available in the colours silver, gold, rose gold and black. Curious what all the Top Parts stand for exactly? Then read along!


Top Part – Star

The star is a symbol that is very well-known, and has a nice symbolic value. It stands for eternity, harmony and health. It also stands for security and for a light in darkness, in other words: hope. But besides that the star symbol is simply super pretty to wear as a pendant for your necklace or to wear on your ring. Just don’t get any star qualities eh?


Top Part – Heart

The heart symbol stands for a universal power, namely the power of love! So if you have a crush on somebody, love somebody or know someone with a heart of gold, then this Top Part might just be the perfect gift for you! Or treat yourself of course, we won’t tell:) 


Top Part – Clover

The clover is the sign for luck, and symbolizes the four elements of nature: air, earth, water and fire. Some say that each petal has its own meaning. The first stands for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the fourth for happiness. So if you would like to wish someone good fortune, or if you can use a little bit of extra luck yourself, then this Top Part is for you.


Top Part – Anchor

The anchor stands for hope, stability, trust and security. It also stands for the safety of a home. You might know the combination faith-hope-love. In this combination one of the standard symbols is an anchor. Very fun to combine with other Top Parts!


Top Part - Butterfly

The butterfly stands for growth and change. It also stands for beauty, transformation, freedom and joy. No wonder we immediately wanted to make a cool Top Part out of this symbol! This sign is especially nice to give to someone, but also very nice to wear yourself. Release your inner beauty with this Top Part!


Top Part – Dog foot

The ‘Dog foot’ is a sign for several things. It can be a reference to your own pet, for example. Or it can be a symbol for your love for animals and nature. It also stands for playfulness. One thing is for sure: wear this Top Part and everything will land on its feet… or should we say paws?.


Top Part – Cross

The Top Part is known worldwide, and is a symbol which quiclky makes you think of Christianity. But also if you are not a religious person, this Top Part can fit you well. The cross also symbolizes eternal life for example, and reconciliation. In Hinduism a cross is the symbol for luck. Therefore you can interpret and combine this sign in several ways.


Top Part – Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang symbol, also known as ‘Tao’, is a Chinese symbol that stands for unity, harmony, eternity and balance. Yin and Yang represent things that complement each other (such as female/male, good/bad, sun/moon, water/fire etc.) It stands for being balanced with yourself and your surroundings. Do you like some harmony and balance in your life? Then choose for this Top Part.


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