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Autumn is almost over and winter is upon us. This means it is time for thick sweaters, hot chocolate with whipped cream and of course an update of your winter wardrobe. That is why we thought it was time for an update. This time about the 12 trend colors of this season. Of course we also give you some iXXXi JEWELRY advice. So you can start off this winter season in style!

Trend colors 2019

Every year color experts* are providing reports that mention the trend colors for the next season. iXXXi JEWELRY has analyzed these trend colors for you, and in this blog we discuss which 12 colors are trending for winter 2018/2019. This way you know exactly which colors match you and which jewelry can be combined for an on trend look.


Color palette 

… And here they are: the trend colors for this winter. Both in the final months of 2018 as in the beginning of 2019, many of these colors will be seen on the streets. What is striking is that you see many bright colors. Namely the reds stand out, as is the deep purple and the ‘Nebula blue’. Also olive green and yellows are striking colors this season. Everything is simply a little bit brighter this winter, and so can be your jewelry!

Earlier we advised you about different skin types and which color jewelry matches that best. Should you not know which type you are, then check out our blog here. Do you want to know which trend color is your perfect match? Then read along.


Pear red, poppy red and warm orange

These colors are a perfect match for people with a warm skin tone. You have a warm skin tone when you have a yellow undertone in your skin. These autumnal colors fit well with warm types because they are very vibrant and will enhance your skin color. When you have a warm skin tone gold- and rose gold colored jewelry will suit you perfectly.

This does not mean that you can only wear gold or rose gold jewelry with these combinations. How about our red fill rings for example paired with silver or black rings? The dark colors match the winter season perfectly and are easy to style with dark (winter)outfits. So feel free to mix and match your red fill rings together with black or silver for a sophisticated look. Here you see our “1 Red Stone 12mm ring” in a silver and black combination.


Nebula blue, cerise red and petrol green

This color mix looks good on people with a neutral undertone in their skin. Dark blue is a color that is seen regularly in the fall and winter, but the nebulas blue of this season is somewhat brighter and fresher. It is a color that suits many people, and can be combined with both silver and gold toned jewelry.

Also cerise red and petrol green are gorgeous om combination with silver and gold jewelry. Did you know that rose gold also looks fantastic with these three colors? Combine your iXXXi ring for example with our zirconia fill rings in the colors ‘Light saphire’ or ‘Light siam’. Guaranteed eyecatchers!


Olive green, curry yellow and lemon yellow

This winter natural colors such as olive green, curry yellow and lemon yellow are hot. These trend colors will match you if you have a neutral skin tone (when you have both pink and yellow undertones in your skin). Also people with a warm undertone in their skin will look good in these colors.

Olive green is an easy going autumnal color, than can be combined with both silver- and gold toned jewelry. You can also opt for a combination with brown. How about the ‘Cateye white’ (in the picture on the right) combined with the ‘Matt olivia stone’ and the ‘Matt smoked topaz’? These are bold rings that, paired together, still have a very relaxed look. If you prefer your look to be a bit more glam, you can also add one of our ‘glamour stones’ to he whole. This gives just that bit of extra to your ring combination!

The yellows may be the lightest colors of this winter, but certainly not the least! Both the dark (curry) and the light yellow (lemon) match well with gold. Because brown is in line with yellow you can also choose for brown colored jewelry. If you like yellow, but think a yellow outfit is a bit too much, then you can also choose to have an accessory in that color. Think about a scarf, a belt of maybe one of those gold coloured iXXXi rings…


Purple, lilac and old pink

Do you have a cool under tone in your skin? Then these colors will look fabulous on you. Light and soft colors really bring out the pink glow in your skin. Still, the dark purple color will also look good on you because of the blue undertone in this color. When you have a cool undertone in your skin, silver jewelry will look very nice on you. For example: combine our ‘Matt pink stone 10mm’ fill ring (on the photo on the right side) with the top part Heart and the zirconia rose with the zirconia pink. The silver colored rings are the perfect match with your skintone and the pink accents will make you sparkle!

Do you have a neutral or warm undertone but still want to wear one of these colors? Then try combining them with gold or rose gold colored jewelry.

Be colorful!

Of course everybody has its own preference in colors. Which one suits you best is depending on several factors, such as eye color, hair color, but also the pigmentation of your skin. Having high or low contrast in your face is also a contributing factor. In short: Colors look different on everybody. So be playful with colors to see which one suits you best, and always look at your own style and taste. This way you can surely start off winter in style!


(*Source: www.pantone.com)