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The color palette for fall/winter 2020-2021 offers a range of versatile and timeless colors. This color palette will cause quite a stir in some wardrobes... Wondering how you can combine your wardrobe and jewelry to these trendy colors? In this blog you can read all about the extensive color palette for fall/winter and how you can perfectly combine our iXXXi Jewelry collection with it.

Trend Colors 2020

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute* publishes a color trend report for the fashion industry that identifies the season’s most important color trends. We have listed these colors for you and made a selection of the colors: Amberglow, Samba, Classic Blue, Rose Tan, Fired Brick and Peach Nougat and searched for the best matching items from our collection. Tip! In our blog about different skin types and jewelry, we like to give you advice about these different types of skin and what color jewelry looks good on them. Would you like to know which colors suits you best? Then read along!


Amberglow is a bright warm orange color that goes perfectly with the color silver. We combined the ‘Line Orange’, the ‘Zirconia Sun’, the ‘Top Part Base’ and the ‘Top Part Sun Stone’ with the silver colored fillrings ‘Excellent’ and the ‘Zirconia 1 Stone Crystal’ on a 12mm silver base ring.

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings amberglow


The sensual red shade of Samba is frequently seen on the catwalks and you really can’t miss it in your wardrobe this autumn. We found this trend color to match well with our black base ring combined with the ‘Zirconia Light Siam’, the ‘Zirconia 1 Stone Crystal’, the ‘Diamond Circle’, the ‘Top Part Dancing’ with the ‘Top Part Facet Red’ and the ‘Ball’.

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings samba


This sand shade beautifully can be combined with rose gold and with the stones from the Royal Glam collection. We combined these two into a pretty Sandstone combination: a 12mm rosé gold base ring filled with the ‘Small Stone Circle’, the ‘Crystal Glass Ball’, the ‘Royal Stone Drop Champagne’, and the ‘Wood Light Brown’.

 ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings sandstone

Classic Blue

Classis Blue is no stranger to the color palette. This color was proclaimed to be the color of the year 2020 and let this color also be the color of the ‘royals’. A perfect match with our Royal Glam collection. In addition, it is also a very multifunctional color that you can actually combine with all the basic colors. For this classic, we have chosen a combination with a silver base ring. The 8mm base ring is filled with the fillrings ‘Caviar’, ‘Light Sapphire 1 Stone Crystal’, the ‘Dynasty’ and the ‘Ball’.

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings classic blue

Rose Tan

For anyone who can’t really put the summer behind them, pink is still hot this autumn! The color pink has made a big entrance in our Paradise collection last summer. The fillrings of this summer collection match perfectly with the soft pink color Rose Tan. We love to combine pink with gold and have made the following combination: a 10mm gold colored base ring filled with the fillrings: the ‘Ceramic Pink Shell’, the ‘Pink 1 Stone Crystal’, the ‘Queen’, the ‘6mm 1 Zirconia Pink' and the ‘Ceramic Pink’.

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings rose tan

Fired Brick

Fired Brick is a powerful and warm reddish-brown color that you should definitely have in your closet next season. With this color we immediately thought of our ‘Into the Wild’ collection. Animal prints combined with a number of dark ‘earthy’ colors complete the ‘Fired Brick’ look. For this we combined a 10mm base ring in the color black with the fillrings the ‘Tiger’, the ‘Top Part Base’ with the ‘Top Part Smoked Topaz Stone’ and the ‘Zirconia Smoked Topaz’.

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings fired brick

Peach Nougat

This color is a bit like the Rose Tan color but then more towards warm light pink and is a little bit ‘peachy’. We combined this color with many rose gold colored fillrings in combination with white, pearls and stones. The 10mm rose golden base ring filled with the ‘Zirconia White Stone’, the ‘Glam Oval Champagne’, the ‘Dynasty', the 1mm ‘Ceramic’ and the ‘Oval Shape’ is therefore the perfect match for Peach Nougat!

ixxxi jewelry trendcolors fall/winter 2020-2021 fillrings baserings peach nougat

Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to color and it is a fact that not all colors are beautiful for everyone. Keep the above tips in mind and combine your favorite fillrings and colors with our ringgenerator. Have you made a number of combinations which makes you happy? Then take these combinations to an iXXXi dealer nearby and check which color combinations suits you best.


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