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Do you want to give your dad something special this Father’s Day? In this top 5 you will find the nicest gift tips for Father’s Day from our iXXXi MEN collection.

5 keer de leukste cadeaus voor vaderdag

Gift tip #1: Leather iXXXi MEN bracelet

Tough daddy’s love tough jewelry. In the iXXXi MEN collection we have many different leather bracelet models. The bracelets are available in black and brown leather. Many models have steel included in the designs, which gives a unique finish to each item. With iXXXi MEN bracelets you always give a stylish present!

ixxxi men cadeautip nr 1 leren armband

Gift tip #2: Necklace with pendant

Sometimes your kid would like to hang around daddy’s neck all day long. However, since fathers usually are busy on a regular basis, you can also give him something that can hang around his neck all day long. An iXXXi MEN necklace for example. Our necklaces are available in 45 up to 60 cm. Therefore it will always fit and will be the perfect outfit addition for tough dads. Combine it with a nice iXXXi MEN pendant and your gift is ready!

ixxxi men cadeautip nr 2 hanger met ketting

Gift Tip #3 Solid steel bracelet

Does your dad like robust jewelry? Then a solid steel bracelet might be something for him! Our iXXXi MEN steel chain bracelets are made from solid steel and are comfortable to wear. The fact that they also look super stylish is of course a nice bonus????.

ixxxi men cadeautip nr 3 stalen armband

Gift Tip #4: iXXXi MEN ring

Which man doesn’t like appreciate a nice piece of jewelry once in a while? With the iXXXi MEN ring you give something that will always look good. The steel rings are scratch-resistant and timeless. All base rings and fill rings are available in black and matte steel design. Fun detail: does your father want to switch things up after a while? No problem, because the fill ring is interchangeable and can be switched with a different design easily. This way he can create his own ring. In our fill ring collection overview you find all the designs.

ixxxi men cadeautip nr 4 ring

Gift tip #5: Duotone sunglasses

Whether he spends many hours on the road, or simply likes to soak up the sun, for these sunglasses you don’t really need an excuse to give as a Father’s Day gift. The duotone glasses make these sunglasses very on-trend and they are available in 3 different colors. Ideal as a nice Father’s Day gift!
ixxxi men cadeautip nr 5 zonnebril
Check for all jewelry and inspiration our iXXXi MEN collection overview, or visit your nearest iXXXi MEN dealer.