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Now that spring is in full swing, we thought it was time to blog about tips and facts about our iXXXi JEWELRY bracelets. Winter sweaters are being tucked away into closets to make room for T-shirts with short sleeves. Without thick layers of clothing covering your wrists, it is much easier to show off you arm candy, right? If you want to know which types of links, colors and lengths are available for iXXXi bracelets, and want to know the how-to-wear-tips for spring, then read along...

tips en weetjes ixxxi armbanden

What are iXXXi JEWELRY bracelets made of?

All our bracelets are made from stainless steel. This is one of the most solid materials available for manufacturing jewelry, so our jewelry is very scratch-resistant. Our bracelets are available in different colors and models, so you have a great choice in different designs! Besides steel, iXXXi JEWELRY is a big supporter of natural materials. Therefore we use materials such as wax cord and leather for our collections. This way we can really add some color to our jewelry:).

ixxxi armbanden gouden schakels

In which colors are iXXXi bracelets available?

Mostly all of our bracelets are availabe in steel (silver colored) and in gold, rose gold and black colored platings. Our bracelets are covered with a special plating (steel bracelets excluded) which makes the bracelet color last a long time. 
In the RAINBOW collection of this spring we have added new colors such as red, pink, purple, green, orange and many more. Check our collection overview for all available color options.

ixxxi armbanden verschillende kleuren

Which bracelets models are available?

Many! Our bracelets are available in many different designs, so make sure to visit your local iXXXi dealer to check out which model suits you!
We have bracelets with multiple straps, chain bracelets and bracelets in bright colors. We also have bangles with smooth designs, and wide and narrow bracelets. By the way, did you know that we have created matching ankle straps for almost every bracelet design? Super fun for spring and summer, although they look pretty all year round!

Which types of links do you use for chain bracelets?

We use different links such as jasseron chains, gourmet, popcorn and fantasy chains. We also combine these links with wax cord and leather.

verschillende soorten ixxxi armband schakels

Will a plated bracelet keep its color?

(Rose)Gold or black plated bracelets from iXXXi have a colored plating that covers the steel design. In general plated jewelry colors will last a long time. However, platings may be affected by longterm use or external influences. It depends on several factors, such as the pH level of your skin or contact with water, if the bracelet will discolor. Be assured that with normal use, iXXXi jewelry will maintain its color.

You can also use these tips to maintain the color of your plated jewelry: 
• Take off your jewelry before using the shower, swimming, sauna and before washing your hands.
• Using perfume, bodylotion or hand creme? Wait at least 10 minutes before putting on your jewelry.
• Take off your jewelry before sporting, cleaning and before going to bed. 

Which lengths of bracelets are available?

We have many different lengths of bracelets. Depending on the type of bracelet, it is also possible to detach links for a perfect fit! Our adjustable bracelets are available from 17cm up to 20cm. Our chain bracelets are available in the lengths 18, 19 and 20. 

welke lengte armband ixxxi jewelry

Which size bracelet fits me?

Which size of bracelet fits, depends on how you would like to wear your jewelry. If you already own a bracelet that fits, you can measure its size. But if you have no clue which size you need: measure the size of your wrist with measuring tape. Depending on how tight you would like your bracelet to fit, you can add a couple of centimeters to this length. 

Size chart ixxxi bracelets

For example: Your wrist size is 17 cm and you want your bracelet to fit loosely around your wrist. Add 3 cm to your wrist size for a loose fit = 17 + 3 = 20 cm.
Please note! Adjustable bracelets are measured including closing hook. The adjustable closure is not included.

lengte ixxxi armband zonder sluiting

How can I clean iXXXi bracelets?

You can clean your iXXXi bracelet by cleaning it with a soft cloth or cotton gloves. This way you can make your iXXXi jewelry shine again. It is best not to use any cleaning supplies, because this can affect the plating of your jewelry. You can also clean your bracelet by using lukewarm water and a toothbrush. Place the bracelet into the water and clean it by rubbing it with a toothbrush. This way you can remove stains of dirt. Dry your bracelet with a clean cloth or towel and your jewelry will shine as new. Also check out our other cleaning tips.

How can I easily put on a bracelet myself?

Putting on a bracelet yourself can be a little bit challenging, especially when it involves a small bracelet with an even smaller closure. You can solve this by using the paperclip tric. Try it out, and you will be done in no time!
Use a paperclip and fold it open. Hook the paperclip through the end of the closure and hold the paperclip tight. Use your free hand to hook the hook-eye into the end of the closure. Easy!

armband paperclip stap 1

Step 1: Hook a paperclip though the bracelet closure.

armband paperclip stap 2

Step 2: Hold the paperclip and use your free hand to attach the hook-eye to the bracelet closure.

If you don't have a paperclip, you can also use a safety pin!

What is the price of an iXXXi bracelet?

You can buy iXXXi JEWELRY bracelets as from €19,95. Prices vary depending on the model and color. Check out our full bracelet collection overview for inspiration!

Where can I buy an iXXXi JEWELRY bracelet?

You can buy iXXXi JEWELRY bracelets via an official iXXXi dealer. There is always one nearby! Chck our store locator to find your nearest dealer.

How to wear tip: how can I style bracelets this spring?

Bracelets can give your outfit an extra boost! Which is why you can make a bold statement this spring with color and different designs mixed together. More inspiration on how to combine colors together can be found in Part 1 and Part 2 of our style blog.

Chain bracelets are totally hot and all shapes and sizes are covered on the runway. All designs can be mixed together which creates an eclectic style. Stacking is also a trend: by stacking several bracelets together you create an interesting look that captures the eye. Style it off with a couple of hoop earrings and an iXXXi ring with much bling (a must for this season), and you are ready to rock spring season!