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In this column we talk about a new look, and styling and inspiration tips for this look. This week in the picture… The Urban look! Do you want to know how you can style your own Urban outfit and which jewelry suits this look? Then read along…

About the look...

The urban look (literally translated: the ‘metropolitan’ look) finds its origin in the street culture of the nineties in the United States. Authenticity and originality is key to this look. The Urban look is a mixture of different cultural styles and influences and has many subcultures. Therefore there is not one uniform definition for this look. Influences of hip hop, R&B, rap, reggae, funk and pop can be found in it. But above all, the style is a mixture of tough, sporty, casual and streetstyle.

Who fits this look?

Creative trendsetters who love innovation.

When do you wear this look?

Daytime, evenings, to concerts, parties. In short: Anywhere where casual goes.

How do I style my jewelry with this look?

For the urban look, statement accessories are key. This way you can really show your personal style. Because one can go many ways with ‘urban’, the same goes for your jewelry. Therefore opt for jewelry that complement the total picture. This can be with a nice set of rings, or with multiple necklaces. It is important to find the right balance. When your outfit is on the showy side, best choose for little jewelry. If you’re wearing plain colors, then you can go for more outspoken jewelry. It’s all about balance baby.


Just as hip as hop

The Urban look is all about innovation. Fashion is constanly moving forward, and the same goes for the outfits and the jewelry that fit this look. Oversized and baggy clothing fit well to this streetstyle. Tough clothes can be mixed with sporty and trendy items. Also high- and low-end fashion can be mixed toghether.

Outfitwise you can think of ripped jeans matched with a bold print top, and a pair of trendy sneakers. Also hoodies, sweatshirts, sporty skinny jeans and blouses fit this trend. (By the way, you can absolutely wear heels with an urban outfit, if you mix them with a couple of tough items such as a leather jacket or baggy jeans). You can style it off with a pair of sneakers and some eyecatching iXXXi jewelry and your Urban look is complete!


Make a statement

The Urban look is bold, which is why you can certainly wear striking jewelry. Choose a focus point to which you want to draw attention to. Do you want to emphasize your hands? Then choose several iXXXi rings combined with the new interchangeable top parts! Here you see some black- with silver colored combinations. Super pretty to style, and nice and tough for fall!


Do you want to make a statement, but prefer more modest jewelry? Then you can also choose for a single pendant on a fine necklace. By wearing a simple blouse or top, the pendant speaks for itself! Here you see the pendant ‘Snake ball’ in silver combined with a 1mm silver necklace of 45cm.


iXXXi in the mix

When you say ‘Urban’, you say ‘trendy’ and that comes with ditto jewelry! Luckily there is always the perfect iXXXi JEWELRY mix for your outfits. Don’t know which jewelry to choose from? Then try one of the new iXXXi coin pendants! Nice little fact: Did you know that these pendants have a different relief on both sides? Therefore you can always wear our necklaces two ways. That makes picking a side twice as easy!



Fresh like Bel-Air

Do you want a new pendant but something ‘out of the ordinary’? And do you also want to be able to match it with the Urban look? Then look no further! Because the ‘iXXXi Open’ pendants will be just the thing for you! These are pendants that are carved in the middle, and also have a carved logo. This looks extra playful when you wear the necklace on top of your outfit. Furthermore, these pendants sparkle all the way when wearing them, because of their smooth surface. So wear these, and you’re sure that even the fresh prince would turn his head at seeing these urban eyecatchers! Success guaranteed!


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Photocredits: Iconick (www.iconick.nl)