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About the look…

Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Jackie Kennedy… All are style icons and wearers of the classic look! The look stands for timeless and feminine. It is a style that remains its beauty throughout the years.

Who fits this look?

Stylish women who prefer basic and elegant.

When do you wear this look?

This look can be worn for any occasion.

How do I style my iXXXi jewelry with this look?

The jewelry that fit this look are basic, understated and timeless. Mostly silver and gold colored jewelry is worn for a classic look. For a classic look you go for simple basic jewelry, that you complement by using accent pieces. For example; steel base rings filled up with fill rings with a simple design.

Much worn fashion items for a classic look are:

• White blouse
• Trenchcoat
• Everything with breton stripes
• Satin blouses
• Cashmere sweaters
• Black blazer
• Midi skirt
• Little black dress

Are you looking for inspiration on how to style your classic jewelry? Then read our tips here…

Classic beauty

The pearl is a classic among jewelry and is always appropriate. It was Jackie Kennedy who stated that ‘pearls are always appropriate’ and until this day it is still on point. Pearls stand for richness and class. Which is why they are especially beautiful combined with silver colored jewelry. For example: try a pearl Top Part as necklace charm. Combine this with simple silver colored jewelry and you will look effortlessly wealthy.

ixxxi klassieke look classic beauty

Silver and gold mix

Silver and gold jewelry are the most worn jewelry for a classic look. Because both are timeless, they are even more classy when you combine the two together! By adding a subtle gold accent to you jewelry combination, the silver base ring will stand out even better!

ixxxi klassieke look goudaccenten

Solid gold

There are few pieces of jewelry that look as glamorous as gold! Choose for a sold gold colored jewelry look to keep it stylish and sophisticated. On the left you see a gold colored base ring with fill rings with various zirconia stones and a large white stone (1 Cateye White 10mm). On the right ring you see a gold ring filled with the Caviar, Symbol snake and Giraffe.

ixxxi klassieke look giraffe

Classic with a twist

Did you know you can wear the classic look in many different ways? Give it a twist to make the look more ‘you’. Below we explain 4 style examples to find your classic match:

Classic - Tough

Is your first thought ‘Do these two go together?’ Then you are not alone. When hearing ‘classic look’ most people think about pearls, dresses and heels. But you can also wear a classic-tough look. For example, think about a white blouse combined with a leather pants and white sneakers. You can style it with a silver colored iXXXi ring with black accents. Va-va-voom!
stoere ring klassieke look

Classic – Glam

This look envites to experiment with glitters the most! If you like glam, then this is your look! For clothing style you can think of dresses (such as the little black dress and dresses with an a line) high heels, and an understated elegant style. Combine classic fill rings with sparkly zirconia fill rings, big glamour stones and bold gold jewelry.

klassieke look glam ring

Classic - Preppy

For this look you can mix casual with sporty items. For example blazers, loafer, collared blouses, polo shirts and chinos. Mix silver colored jewelry with white, navy or red accents.

klassieke look preppy ring

Classic – Casual

The classic-casual look is modern and trendy. For this look you can wear on-trend shirts with sneakers and trousers. Almost all classic jewlery looks good on this look, so you can mix and match silver with gold, all gold jewelry or go for silver colored jewelry with big stones.

iXXXi Ring klassiek casual

How do you wear the classic look? Create your own combination online with our RingGenerator or go to your nearest iXXXi store.