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In this new column we talk about a new look and styling and inspiration tips for this look. We start our new column with the Boho look! This is a very popular look and an inspiration for the summer and festivals. Do you want to know how you can style your own Boho look and which jewelry suits this look? Then read along…

About the look…

The Boho look, also known as Boho-Chic, Bohemian-, or Ibiza look, is about freedom and being yourself. “Boho” is short for ‘Boheme’ and is a style that is influenced by the sixties hippie style. With this look you exude nonchalance. Loose fitting clothes and flower prints are typical for this look, as well as maxi skirts and maxi dresses. Bright colors, lace and fringes go well with this style.

Who fits this look?

All free spirits who like to travelling and adventures.

When do you wear this look?

At festivals (Coachella/hippiefestival), on a day off, on holidays.

How do I style my jewelry with this look?

For this style you can go wild with jewelry. Combining lots of jewelry together is a must and you can also wear several layers of jewelry for a playful effect. For example; combine three long necklaces in different lengths together. You can also make a statement by mixing and matching a lot of bracelets and rings together. The fun part about Boho is that everything goes for this look! Just wear whatever you feel comfortable with, and don’t be shy to combine several prints and materials together. With this inspiration tips you will master the Boho look like a pro!

Don’t worry, be hippie


A real hippie can combine like no other. Several prints on top of each other, many different layers and colors, an abundance in jewelry… Because the Boho look is inspired by the hippie look, you can copy several elements into your look. You can style all your (iXXXi) rings together perfectly. Try several rings on one hand! Or play with different colors and textures and match them together for a wow-effect.

If the shoe fits…


Do you also own a cute Boho outfit but have no clue which jewelry fits best? Then choose one statement piece from your outfit and match your jewelry to this. Do you have a bold top? Choose for example a long necklace with a simple pendant. Are you wearing stand-out-shoes that may be seen? Make sure you match the same color(s) in your rings and bracelets.

Update your layering game


By adding several layers and necklaces to your outfit, you add depth to your outfit and you emphasize your neckline. For example, you can combine three iXXXi necklaces in the lengths 40, 50 and 60cm and add different pendants. On display you see our ‘stars with stones’ necklace, combined with the ‘matt green pendant’ and the ‘open moon’ pendant in a silver colored combination. By working your way down from small to large (on top the smallest pendant, and down the longest or biggest) you create balance in your combination.



If you like Boho, the term ‘Wanderlust’ will probably sound familiar to you. Travelling, visiting new places, new experiences and adventures… That’s why the ‘’Dreamcatcher’ pendant is the perfect accessory voor the real travel aficionado. On display we matched the ‘Dreamcatcher’ pendant with the ‘matt violet’ pendant. Of course we also have a matching ring to this, namely a 10mm silver colored base ring. Combine this with a 4mm matt violet ring, a 2mm zirconia white crystal ring and a 2mm white opal ring. Super stylish and you got that Boho look totally covered!