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As most of you may already know, iXXXi JEWELRY is known for showing your personality through jewelry. You can mix and match our base rings and fillrings to your own taste and therefore every combination is different, this makes it very personal. In this blog we will show you which fillrings you can add to your iXXXi ring combination to make it even more personal and unique! Curious? Then read on!

A stands for...

With one of our initial fillrings, you can add that extra bit of personality into your ring combination! How lovely is it to wear the initial of your dog in combination with the 'Top Part - Dog foot', or how beautiful is it to choose an initial of someone who is, or has been very dear to you in combination with the fillring ‘Symbol Star’or 'Symbol Heart'.  With the fillrings from iXXXi it's all possible! From A to Z, we’ve got them all. The initial fillrings are available in the plating colors: gold, rose gold and silver.

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality initials initial fillrings

The initial fillring in the picture is worn by our iXXXi ambassador Mirthe, she wears the initial of her son’s name. Mirthe wears her Symbol ring on an 8mm wide base ring in combination with the ‘Oval Shape’, the ‘Zirconia 1 stone Crystal’ and the ‘Small Circle Stone’. To complete her combination she wears the ‘Diamond Circle’ from our XS collection on her index finger. We have many more fillrings in our XS collection besides the Diamond Circle, which you can wear next to your iXXXi ring combination to complete your look! Are you curious which rings we have in our XS collection? Then click here.

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality initials initial fillrings XS Collection

What's your favorite color?

Do you like cute pink, do you go for the bold color blue, do you like yellow or maybe the color green? We have countless options to show your favorite color in your ring combination. For example, we have the fillrings 'Line', the 'Zirconia', the 'Ceramic', the 'Sandblasted' and the 'Bonaire' in all kinds of colors.
In the gold combination, the fillrings 'Ceramic Yellow Shell' and the 'Line Yellow' were added to make the yellow color pop out. Of course, you can also make this combination with the colors pink, purple, red, green or blue!

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality favorite colors colorfull fillrings

For the silver combination below with a green touch, we used an 8mm wide base ring with the fillrings the 'Line Olivina', the 'Royal Diamond Crystal' and the 'Zirconia Olivina'. If green is your favorite color, then this is the perfect combination for you! But also, this combination can be made in countless colors, for example in red, turquoise, orange or purple.

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality favorite colors colorfull fillrings Line green

A symbol tells more than words can

Are you a real beach lover, do you believe in the luck of a four-leaf clover or do you have a connection with the galaxy? You can express this perfectly with one of our 'Symbol' fillrings. We have these 'Symbol' fillrings in the shape of a heart, crown, star, moon, four-leaf clover, palm tree, starfish, seashell and flamingo. These 'Symbol' fillrings are available in the plating colors gold, rose gold and silver so you can create your combination exactly to your taste.

Symbols have a certain meaning; they stand for something and of course they look super 'cute' in your ring combination!

In our rose gold ring combination, we used a 10mm wide base ring combined with the following fillrings: the 'Heartbeat', the 'Symbol Star', the 'King', the 'Sandblasted' and the 'Hammerite'. Of course you can also swap the 'Symbol Star' for the 'Symbol Sea Shell', the 'Glamour Crown' or the 'Symbol Heart'!

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality symbol symbols symbol fillrings

More colors and symbols

Besides all the colored and symbol fillrings we also have the 'Top Part Base' and the 'Top Part Base Dancing' in the plating colors gold, rose gold, silver and black. On these fillrings you can place a 'Top Part' in any color you want, how cool is that?

There are also 'Top Parts' with symbols available such as an anchor, ying yang sign, butterfly, dog's paw and a cross. You can endlessly change and combine the Top Parts. That means even more colors and symbols to express your personality!

ixxxi jewelry personalize personality Top parts top part

The fillrings of iXXXi offer plenty of opportunities to give a 'personal touch' to your ring combination. This means you always have a unique and personal piece of jewelry. Are you totally excited and would you like to add one or more of the above rings to your collection, check out your nearest iXXXi dealer or shop online!


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