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Be loyal to the royal within you

Pearls, stones, diamonds and crowns are the eye-catchers of this season. This is reflected in our new 2mm and 4mm fillrings. The Royal Diamond, The Glam Oval and the Royal Stone Drop are characteristic of this collection. These big and striking rings are made of different types of stones called: Ghost Crystal and Phantom Quartz, which makes each fillring unique in color.

ixxxi jewelry Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

In addition to these ‘royal stones’ we have a number of new fillrings with pearls that you shouldn’t miss in your iXXXi collection, such as the grey-colored ‘Royal Grey’. Do you like diamonds more? Go for a subtle touch with the ‘Small Circle Stone’ or go all the way with the ‘Big Circle Stone’, the ‘Excellent’, or the ‘Queen’. The above fillrings are available in gold, rose gold and silver, and some in the color black. The ‘Royal Crown’ has a special design and gives every combination a real ‘royal touch’. Add this fillring on top of your combination so it falls nicely over your base ring. Except for a few, all these fillrings are also available in size XS (size 15 and 16).

ixxxi jewelry Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

Glamour never takes a day off...

Besides our new collection of rings, we have a new necklace with a small chain and beads. The brooch is also back and from this season it's impossible to imagine fashion without it. These brooches are available in two different sizes. With the large version you can change endlessly and combine them with our Top Parts. The necklace and the brooches are botch available in gold, rose gold and silver.

 ixxxi jewelry Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

Royal Charms

How will you wear the charms: Crown, Royal Stone Drop, Royal Diamond and the Top Part Base this fall? Wear them on a necklace of your choice. The Crown charm can also be worn at one of our hoop earrings. Because of the loose Top Part Base charm, you can now adhere your favorite Top Parts on a necklace of your choice. Would you like to have more than one Charm on your necklace? No problem, mix and match with as many Charms and Top Parts as you want!

ixxxi jewelry Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

Keep calm and be glam

Last but not least we’ve added some new ear studs to the collection. For the ‘royals’ we have some ear studs with a crown design in the colors gold, rose gold and silver. For the ‘glamorous’ ones we have the Circle Stone ear studs, available in sizes 6mm and 10mm. Complete your look with our single ear cuff! For this ear cuff you don’t need a hole in your ear, you just clip it around you ear and it sits!  

ixxxi jewelry Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

iXXXi MEN Collectie

We added one ring, one necklace and 15 new bracelets to our iXXXi MEN collection. This addition consists of a beautiful balance between stainless steel, different colors leather and black and brown beads. You’ll find it all in the new collection.

ixxxi jewelry ixxxi men Royal Glam fillrings rings basering

Check the Royal Glam collection at your nearest iXXXi dealer or online. Have fun shopping!


‘Let no one take your crown’