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Do you also love pearls? Then you will undoubtedly be pleased with our new fall/winter collection Royal Glam. Within this collection the pearl has made its entrance and the fillrings with pearls are real eye-catchers! The pearl has always had a classic look but is also easy to combine with tough and glamorous items. In this blog you can read all about the different kind of jewelry with pearls and get inspired by the combinations below. ‘You can never go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.’

Royal Grey

The ‘Royal Grey’ is slightly different in terms of the color of the pearl, but we love it! This 2mm fillring consist of a smooth ring with a grey-colored pearl, surrounded by a round and kind of braided relief. It’s available in the colors gold, rose gold and silver and is a real eye-catcher in our ring combination. Combine the ‘Royal Grey’ for example with the ‘Zirconia Blackstone’, the ‘Zirconia Topaz’, the ‘Heartbeat’ or the ‘4mm Sandblasted’, which color combination do you go for?

ixxxi jewelry royal glam pearls new fillrings fillrings royal grey

Little Princess

The ‘Little Princess’ is truly the ‘showpiece’ among the fillrings with pearls. This 2mm fillring consists of a smooth ring with the shape of a crown filled with a large white pearl. Available in the colors gold, rose gold and silver. This ‘royal’ makes your ring combination in no time special. Combine the ‘Little Princess’ with for example the ‘Big Circle Stone’, the ‘Glamour Crown’, the ‘Aruba’, the ‘White Shell Stone Square’ or the ‘Royal Crown’. How would you make your ring combination with the ‘Little Princess’?

ixxxi jewelry royal glam pearls new fillrings fillrings little princess


With its braided design and white pearl on top, the 2mm fillring ‘Dynasty’ is one of our all-time favorites. This fillring literally fits any combination. Whether you want to make a cool or a classic combination, the ‘Dynasty’ always fits! Combine this fillring with gold, rose gold or silver fillrings such as the ‘Caviar', the ‘Oval Shape’, the ‘Pyramid’, or the ‘Small Circle Stone’. Which style combination you go for with the ‘Dynasty’ fillring?

ixxxi jewelry royal glam pearls new fillrings fillrings dynasty

Top Part - Pearl

Our ‘Top Part Pearl’ is a multifunctional item that within the collection of iXXXi Jewelry can transform several pieces of jewelry into a beautiful piece of jewelry with pearl. Within each ring combination you can add a 2mm ‘Top Part Base’ or ‘Top Part Base Dancing’ fillring with a Top Part of your choice. Complete your entire look with a necklace of your choice out of the iXXXi Jewelry collection with the ‘Charm Top Part Base’, the 'Ear Studs Top Part Base' and the 'Crown Brooch Top Part' combined with the 'Top Part Pearl' in the basic colour of your choice.

ixxxi jewelry royal glam pearls new fillrings fillrings top part pearl

Which combination do you make with our pearl pieces? Create your own combination with our Ringgenerator or go to your nearest iXXXi dealer.

‘The pearl is the queen of the gems and the gem of the queens.’