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Animal prints are hot and here to stay! You probably know the panther and snake print, but have you ever considered a zebra or hyena print? These beauties should not be missed in your jewelry collection since they are super fashionable and easier to combine than you might think. Check the new beastly prints and style inspo here.

Tips to combine animal prints

Combining animal prints might seem hard to do, but it is actually very easy! For anyone doubting on the right combo we give six styling tips.

Tip 1: Keep it simple

An essential style tip for everyone that likes to combine animal prints is: keep it simple. Animal prints are eyecatchers and easily too much. By combining the animal print smart with neutral items, you prevent your look being over the top. By keeping the rest of your combination and look neutral, your animal print will receive all the attention it deserves. Which brings us to the second styling tip;

Tip 2: Adapt your colors to the print you are wearing

If you wear a snake print with green tones in it, it is best to let these colors come back into the rest of your look.

Tip 3: Combining more than one animal print? Find color matches.

Would you like to combine more than one animal print? Pay attention to color matches. If the colors match together, you can create unity.

Tip 4: Use it as an accent

Do you like animal prints, but want to keep it modest? Opt for an animal print as an accent piece, e.g. a charm or pendant or an animal Top Part. Ideal if you want to make a big statement in a small way.

Tip 5: Look at the total picture

All animal prints of the ‘Into the Wild’ collection can be mixed and matched together. Always keep the total picture in mind, so your animal prints match in color and style.

Tip 6: When in doubt

When in doubt: stick to one print. If you are not (yet) convinced of the 2 or 3 animal print matches of your choice, it’s best choose for one statement print. Combine this print with solid colored jewelry. By the way, this does not mean that you can only pick one animal print, because you can perfectly combine two animal print fill rings with other jewelry of the same print. For example, you can combine animal print ring with a pair of neutral 2mm fill rings for a wow-effect.

So what does a nice animal print combination look like? We show you here, on the basis of a couple examples.

stylish snakes ixxxi jewelry  fill ring python

Stylish Snakes

The snake print is a famous print amongst fashionlovers, and can be combined in many different colors and styles. Combine 1 snake print fill ring with 2 other animal print fill rings for a rough look. You can combine this with the ‘Pyhton’ pendant with a black necklace for a uniform look.
Another option is combining 2 python fill rings fill rings on one base ring with a couple of 2mm fill rings. The 2mm ‘Snake symbol fill ring’ (available in silver, gold and rose gold variant!) gives your snake combination extra flair!


zebra and black zebra ixxxi jewelry

Zebra meets Black Zebra

This fashion trend should not be missed in your jewelry collection, because this will make a real statement! On the photo you see the rose gold ‘Zebra’ fill ring combined with the ‘Ball’, ‘Zirconia Champagne’, ‘Stripes’ and the ‘Pyramid’. The ‘Zebra’ is available in silver, gold and rose gold variant. We also styled the ‘Black Zebra’ together with the ‘Black Panther’ and the ‘Symbol antlers’. Two zebra rings styled in a completely different way, for two very different looks. What is your favorite?

BlackZebra ixxxi

hyena ring ixxxi jewelry

Hyena, Elephant and Black snake

Animal prints are not meant for the wallflowers amongst us, because a panther or zebra print will always pull the attention. These three animal prints are all in black version, which makes stem rough and certainly not low profile. Here you see the ‘Hyena’, ‘Elephant’ and ‘Black Snake’ in different combinations. These are definitely no standard prints, which is why we love them so much!

Hyena Elephant BlackSnake

black panther ixxxi jewelry

Black Panther

Try combining the ‘Black Panther’ with the natural stone bracelets. The black onyx stones are a beautiful addition to this fill ring! Add a tiger stone bracelet for extra color.

BlackPanther ixxxi

ixxxi accent earrings

Animal accents

You can wear an animal print as an accept in your jewelry. Use the animal print Top Parts! Wear them on a ring, as pendant on a necklace or as a nice charm for your earrings. Mix it with another animal print or a zirconia Top Part. We also have animal charms for necklaces or earrings. For necklaces there are animal pendants in 12, 24 and 38mm.

Did you get a good dose of inspiration and cannot wait to combine your own animal print ring? Use our online RingGenerator to try out new combinations. You can also check them at your local iXXXi dealer.

Find your wild with iXXXi!