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2020 is almost here and the countdown for the holidays has started. Naturally, this asks for a sparkly new collection! The Party collection is available as from today and has everything that you need to shine during the holidays! If that isn’t a good reason for a party…

Glitter & Glam fill rings

The 2mm fill rings from the party collection are a mix between new designs and classics with a new twist. The ‘Star Crystal Stone’ and ‘Triangle Crystal stone’ are new models with star and triangle shaped zirconia stones. The ‘Crystal Glass Ball’ has a round shaped crystal stone that shimmers from every angle, which gives a special effect to every combination. The ‘Flat Circles Crystal Stone’ is a fill ring with a flat open design that is filled with 8 small zirconia stones.

zilveren en gouden combinatie party collectie ixxxi

The ‘Ball with Crystal Stone’ is a variation to the existing ‘Ball’ fill ring, with just that bit of extra sparkle that you need for the holidays. The ‘Mini Glamour Stone’ is the smallest among the glamour stones and therefore has more variation options than ever. All fill rings are available in silver, gold and rose gold color.

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All new fill rings are also beautiful in combinaton with black.

zwart met stalen combinatie ixxxi

Stunning studs for the holidays

The short ear studs from the Party collection match with the ‘Star-’ and ‘Triangle Crystal Stone’ fill rings. You can wear them solo or combined with our long ear studs.

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Extra long studs for your earparty

The long ear studs are available in 5 designs. The ‘Oval Chain Stone’ and ‘Oval Chain Twist’ are drop shaped long ear studs. The ‘Chain Heart’, ‘Chain Star’ and ‘Chain Ball’ are long studs which can also be worn as pull through earrings. This means that you can wear one earring in several earring holes in your ear at the same time. This gives a playful and bold effect! Looking for tips for the perfect earparty? Read our tips on how to create your own earparty.

drops earrings ixxxi party collectie

studs doorhaalstuds ixxxi party collectie

New iXXXi MEN bracelets

Are you looking for a stylish gift for him? Then the new iXXXi MEN bracelets might be an instant hit. The ‘Collin’, ‘Fynn’ and ‘Scott’ bracelets are rough designs for men made from Spanish leather and steel accents. The ‘San Fransisco matt black’ is solid steel men bracelet with a black plating.

ixxxi men party collectie

Give your jewelry stash a party upgrade

Christmas anticipation, we love it all the jingle way. And those fun parties around New Year also ask for new jewelry. So go shop the new collection, because it’s the season to sparkle.