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Make a sunny style statement! Just a few more days until the official start of summer. Naturally this requires a new iXXXi JEWELRY collection. Good news, because as from today the new iXXXi JEWELRY summer collection is available. Can’t wait to see the new designs? Here we give you an impression of our newest jewelry for you…

ixxxi jewelry new summer collection 2019

Colorful Top Parts with matching bracelets and ankle straps

Summer is celebrated with color! The ‘Drusy’ Top Part variant is released in 9 fresh colors. Because of the top layer the stone has a beautiful shimmer. Along with these Top Parts matching bracelets and ankle straps have been created. Therefore you can always create the perfect mix and match combination.

ixxxi jewelry new top parts and bracelets

Double Line White fill ring

The 'Double Line White' is a new fill ring from the summer collection. The ring is available in 5 fresh base colors and has a double striped white design. Combine it in a sporty or modern way with your own iXXXi JEWELRY ring or combine an entirely new ring with several color variants. It’s up to you! You can also create your Double Line combination online with the RingGenerator.

Double line white fill ring

Subtle colors with the RAINBOW fill ring

Do you like subtle color accents? The 1mm sandblasted RAINBOW ring has got you covered! This small fill ring can fit easily in any combination. It contains all the colors of the rainbow and depending on how the light falls, this ring will change its color. It’s the perfect asset for all color lovers.

ixxxi summer collection 2019 rainbow ring 1 millimeter

New pendant

Do you like a tough pendant on your necklace? Our ‘Tooth’ pendant has the shape of an animal tooth and is available in steel, gold, rose gold and black. With a thick chain necklace (3mm) this pendant will highlight your look.

ixxxi jewelry summer collection 2019 new pendant

Summer bracelets and new anke straps

Why choose one bracelet, when you can choose more? The new bracelets from the iXXXi JEWELRY summer collection have 2 or more bracelets combined together in one design and are available in steel, and with a gold and rose gold plating. Playful design shapes such as leaves, balls, arrows and stars were used such for the designs. To top it off we also created matcing ankle straps in similar colors.
ixxxi jewelry bracelets summer collection 2019
You can find the summer collection at your nearest iXXXi JEWELRY dealer and on our website.

Happy shopping!