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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… For we have launched our new Christmas collection! This Christmas is all about glitter and glamour! And what better way to start the new year than with our new jewelry? Discover our newest fill rings, Top Parts, necklaces and much more in our blog…

Christmas collection

Do you like a glamorous look for Christmas? Then our new collection is just the thing for you! There are four new fill rings in our Christmas collection, which are all stunning for the holidays! We proudly present the ‘Zirconia Tanzanite’, the ‘1mm Stone crystal’, the ‘4mm Glitter confetti’ and the ‘Chic’.
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Purple glamour with the Zirconia Tanzanite

The ‘Zirconia Tanzanite’ is a 2mm fill ring that is filled all around with its striking purple zirconia. The perfect color for the holidays and also the trend color for this winter. In the picture you see the ring combined with a Top Part base ring with the new Top Part ‘Crystal stones’. This fill ring can easily be mixed and matched with almost every combination!


Small is beautiful

Are you in search for a ring that truly fits any combination? Than the ‘1mm Stone crystal’ fil ring is what you have been looking for! This fill ring is small and beautiful and stands out because of its extra small zirconia. The 1mm fill ring is available in silver, gold, rose gold and black plated version. This will add luxury to every combination.


This makes every combination Chic

The ‘Chic’ fill ring is a very elegant ring that draws attention by the remarkable placement of zirconia. The ring has as much as 30 zirconia stones placed in a special pattern. Because of the space between the stones this fill ring looks cool and very exclusive at the same time. Here you see the fill ring in silver and black colored plating. This ring looks extra nice when you combine several Chic fill rings together.



With the ‘Glitter confetti’ you can make a party out of every ring combination! This 4mm fill ring is covered in glitters that add just enough extra glam for the holidays. With the Glitter confetti all eyes are on you. This beautiful ring is available in silver- gold, rose gold and black plated version.

Add these musthaves to your collection for the perfect holiday look!

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Complete your Top Parts set!

Besides all these beautiful fill rings we also have exciting news for all Top Part lovers. This Christmas we introduce the Top Part base necklace and the Top Part base ear studs. Create your own Top Part set with these beauties for a sophisticated look.

The Top Parts that fit onto the base rings also fit onto the necklaces and ear studs, so that makes combining super easy! Of course you can choose to match the same Top Parts in one set. But you can also choose to mix and match several top parts together. Which combination will you wear this Christmas?

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I have enough Top Parts… said no one ever

…And we get that at iXXXi JEWELRY. That is why we added many new top parts to our new collection. so you have a fitting top part for every look. The new disigns include; colored zirconia, facetted stones, pearls, diamonds and the new ‘drusy’ variant. In total 52 new designs to combine. With these top parts you know one thing for sure, all eyes are on you these holidays! By the way, these winter jewels are also very suitable to start off the next year. : )