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Find the perfect Mother's Day gift with these tips. Are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift, but don't know what to buy? How about a present that is not only personally chosen by you, but is also personalized to her wishes? Check out these inspiration gifts with a personal twist.

ixxxi jewelry zilveren ring combinatie moederdag

If she likes silver

This ring combination symbolizes the love for your mum. You create it with a 12mm base ring, the X line (4mm), a Top Part base ring (2mm rose gold) with the Top Part ‘Heart’ and the ‘Heartbeat’ (silver). If this doens’t make her heart beat faster… You can also replace the rose gold fill ring with a silver- black- or gold colored copy. Tap the ring to see the combination!

zilveren ringcombinatie ixxxi jewelry stunning silver

ixxxi jewelry moederdag cadeautips rose goud

If rose gold is her thing

Then spoil her with a rose gold eyecatcher. You can do this by combining a 12mm base ring, an Oval shape (2mm), the Cateye Pink with 10mm stone (ring width 4mm) and the Top Part Base Dancing with the Top Part ‘Pink Stone’. By adding two extra fill rings to the combination she can create new combinations by mixing and matching the designs! The Cateye is available in 16 different editions, so if you do not prefer pink, you can also opt for a different color!

rose gouden ring combinatie ixxxi jewelry royal rose gold

ixxxi jewelry Gouden ring combinatie moederdag

If she goes for gold

Does your mother have a heart of gold and also prefers this in jewelry? Then this ring combo might be the gift for her! On this 10mm ring base we have combined the ‘Heartbeart’ in gold (2 times) and the Top Part base ring with the Top Part ‘Facet Black Diamond’. Through the symmetrical design this ring is a winner for Mother’s Day.

gouden ring combinatie ixxxi jewelry glam gold

If she has wanderlust

Is your mom a real globetrotter and prefers to see as much as possible from the world? Then this beautiful pendant with matching necklace might just be something for her. The ‘Global’ pendant is available in steel and with a gold, rose gold, brown and black plating. Combine it with a necklace of your choice and you are good to go for Mother's Day.

for globetrotters gift tip ixxxi jewelry


If she likes something different every day

Does your mother have a different style every day, and can she use a jewel that can be changed along with her outfit daily? Make sure to check out the Top Part necklaces! These are fine necklaces, available in 40 and 50cm. This necklace has a small base pendant attached to it, that she can fill with every desired Top Part of her choice. For example, think about the ‘Crustal stone’, ‘Butterfly’ or ‘Facet stone’.
We also have matching hoop earrings. Success guaranteed!;-)

If she loves pearls

Pearls are timeless jewelry pieces that always look classy! Is your mommy a pearly type then these jewelry are the jewelry items for her! Here you see our Pearl Top Part combined with ear studs, a necklace and a ring. You can also choose for a size bigger with the fill ring 1 Pearl white combined with silver colored fill rings. A timeless classic! Tap for the ring combination.

Pearl gifts ixxxi jewelry

If she loves earrings

Besides hoops we also have many other beautiful earrings! Whether she likes ear studs, long earrings or a-symmetrical sets, we have the finest earrings for her! Check out our earrings assortment here.

ixxxi jewelry oorbellen voor moederdag

Happy shopping & happy Mother’s Day!