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Recently we have started a collaboration with iXXXi ambassadors. These social influencers post inspiring photos, videos and other fun content for our brand on a weekly basis. Every ambassador aims at a different branch of the fashion- or lifestyle branch. Are you curious about our ambassadors and how they wear iXXXi? Read the exclusive interviews here!

kavita ixxxi jewelry

Name: Kavita Ramsaran
Insta feed: Fashion
Fashion style: Cute but sexy but cute
Favorite jewelry color: gold and rose gold

What do you think of the brand iXXXi?

“I must admit I didn’t knew the brand before. When I was approached for a collaboration I was sold after one minute on the website. Everything looks so classic and neat. I think it’s a really nice brand and a privilidge to work with.”

What kind of content do you create on your Instagram?

“Particularly fashion content. I love clothes and playing with different looks and am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I find creating new sets or adapting to a certain situation through clothes very interesting and a fun thing to do. Clothing can be made complete by adding accents. Jewelry in my opinion can realy complete the look. For example by using a nice necklace with different layers, a beautiful ring and then polish your nails in the same color. I realy think about the whole look!"

What is your favorite iXXXi ring?

“My favorite rings are the golden ring with the diamond on the front and the fill rings (zirconia) with subtle diamonds and pink colors. I think this looks so girly and elegant. It almost feels like I got proposed to haha. Who doesn’t want that?!”

What is your ultimate jewelry style tip?

“Always try to work in layers. For example: if you wear a shirt in a yellow color, finish the look with necklaces with different pendants. Make sure it all fits together. So gold earrings, gold necklace and a gold ring. That’s what I like most!”

kavitas picks ixxxi jewelry


Chloe ixxxi jewelry

Name: Chloe van den Bussche
Insta feed: Modelling, outfit posts, fashion

Fashion style: Feminine and in the style of gossip girl
Favorite jewelry color: Gold and silver

What kind of content do you make on your Instagram?

‘I’m a model, therefore Instragram is also my portfolio. I post pictures mostly about my outfits, but I also post photos of assignments. I always make sure that it matches my other photos. For instance, I have many photos of assignments from clients that would not look good on my portfolio.’

Why and when did you start making content via Instagram?

‘I had my Instagram account for 7 years, but I used it mostly to share pictures of my cat, what I ate and just the normal life… It was in August last years that I realized that many agencies also use Instagram a lot. This I why I decided to focus on my Instagram and post a picture daily. It was in instant success for me, so I continued doing that. And I still like to do it! ’

Which iXXXi JEWELRY rings did you choose and why?

‘I chose for a wide base ring. They are all gold combined with silver. I always wear gold colored jewelry, but my engagement and wedding ring are silver colored. With my iXXXi ring that is both gold and silver I match them all together. I picked a pick variant, one from the Into the Wild collection and for winter I will wear the black and gold ring.’

What is your tip for creating an iXXXi ring?

‘Get advice from a salesperson! I’m convinced that the end result wouldn’t have been this pretty, would I have put together the ring by myself.'

Chloe ixxxi jewelry ringen

Dolshe ixxxi jewelry

Name: Dolshe Gulsen
Insta feed: Various and always inspiring with a little bit of humor
Fashion style: Glowy, timeless and fun
Favorite jewelry color: Gold

What do you think of the brand iXXXi JEWELRY?

‘I’m such a fan of iXXXi JEWELRY! I’m in love with the concept of creating rings and combining them together.’

Describe your iXXXi JEWELRY rings?

‘I have designed three rings with all kinds of fun animal print elements from the Into the Wild collection. What an awesome experience! I styled my last ring vintage with dark colors but also keeping the 1920’s in mind.
I also really like gold and rose gold and shiny jewelry. It fits my skin color very well. I have a lot of bold jewelry. Not because it’s big, but because it is unique and this is also what I like about iXXXi JEWELRY. Every ring is different and you have hundreds of rings to choose from.

What kind of content do you make on your Instagram?

'I don’t think about this too much. It’s very in the moment. I can post nothing for a week, and a week later 2 posts per day. It really depends on my mood. My goal is to always be positive and to inspire with a little bit of humor in my posts. This fits me and I like that my followers respond so positively to this. I receive messages daily from girls needing help to find a prom dress, or women who have a problem skin and need help and tips. This is the most fun part about my job, getting a real connection with my followers.'

Why did you choose for this type of content?

I have an Instagram account for a very long time, since 2013. In 2017 my Instagram account took a flight after a vacation and I continued to make content. It also helped me to make friends in Amsterdam! This was during a time when I didn’t have many friends because I lived abroad for a long time. This is also one of the reasons why I did it. I got something in common with the girls who also make content, plus I often meet them for lunch and to make photos together as well. It’s nice to share a passion together.

What is your tip for putting together an iXXXi ring?

Take your time when fitting and mixing and matching a ring. The longer I a created combinations, the better they got. And don’t hesitate to ask for help when you don;t know what to combine together. The salesperson gave me some suggestions and it really completed my ring.

Dolshe picks ixxxi jewelry ringen



Name: Jacqueline Steenbeek
Insta feed: Fashion & lifestyle
Fashion style: Trendy
Favorite jewelry color: Gold

What do you think of the brand iXXXi JEWELRY?

‘Love it, because you can customize it as you like it!,

Could you describe your iXXXi rings?

‘I have chosen a gold base ring and finished it with white accents.’ The other two base rings are rose gold. One ring is filled with rose gold and silver colored fill rings, the other one with rose gold and black fill rings.'

Jacquelines picks ixxxi jewelry

Kara ring ixxxi jewelry

Name: Kara Vrielink
Insta feed: Food, health, fashion, beauty & lifestyle
Fashion style: Retro & indian casual chique
Favorite jewelry color: Gold

What kind of content do you make on your Instagram?

'On my Instagram @kvrielink you can find everything that I like: food, health, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It’s fun to share my experiences with my followers and to try and test new products to give advice to my followers. If you would like to see something specific, you can always let me know!'

Describe your iXXXi JEWELRY rings? What do they look like and why did you chose this design?

'I have chosen a gold colored base ring, fill rings with different animal prints and the ring with antlers (OMG this is A-MAY-ZING). I have 3 combinations, the first one is completely gold, the second is black, and the third one is gold combined with brown. All rings are interchangeable so you can create a unique combination every time.'

What do you think of iXXXi jewelry?

'In my opinion iXXXi JEWELRY is a brand with which you can express yourself. The clothes you wear, your posture and jewelry tell something about yourself. For example, if you planned a night out and you wear a neat, sexy black skirt with pink top. You can match this with small base ring filled with black, silver and gold colored fill rings. When you go to the office and you wear a jeans and a beige blouse, you can wear a big base ring filled with brown and gold colored fill rings. With iXXXi JEWELRY everyone can create a unique combination. That is what makes the brand to unique plus it is super fun to play with your ring designs.'

What is your style tip for jewelry?

'I prefer not too much jewelry. Just go for one item, instead of many different rings and bracelets and necklaces. Less is more!'

Kara picks ixxxi jewelry

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