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In this blog we look back on an eventfull year in which we started many new projects and collaborations. We are very proud and happy with all the positive reactions we got from you and all the fun social posts that you shared with the #ixxxijewelry. That is why we share an overview of how you wore iXXXi JEWELRY in 2019. On to a fantastic and brilliant 2020!

It started with a rainbow…

We started this year with a rainbow of colors. In the RAINBOW collection there were bright and matte colors, stripes and ball patterns, colorful Top Parts and bracelets in fresh spring colors. This inspired you to these remarkable combinations!

@colourlovers__ showed us how she combined the ‘Sandblasted Rainbow’ ring with silver colored fill rings. This combination looks fresh and colorful at the same time and is very beautiful for spring!

ixxxi spring2019 1

We spotted another pretty combination withj @_kroontje_  She combined the 4mm Sandblasted’ with the ‘Oval shape’ and the ‘Line Pink’. She also wore the limited edition bug bag with this combination. Beautiful combo!

ixxxi spring2019 2

@cata_razzi toasted on her new iXXXi combination, and we understand why. She chose a tough combination with the ‘Mambo’, ‘Ball’ and ‘Leaf Knot’.

ixxxi spring2019 3

Globetrotter @jessicadamen loves to travel to the most beautiful destinations, as she shows on her Insta! No wonder she chose the ‘Global’ pendant, which matches her wanderlust lifestyle!

ixxxi spring2019 4

The summer created exciting combinations

In the summer collection we added extra color to the collection with new bracelets and bright colored ‘Drusy’ Top Parts. Our necklace pendants and fill rings got bright colors and white designs for summer. You celebrated summer with…

A tropical combination! @anneloessm took her iXXXi jewelry with her on vacation, which resulted in this pretty picture. She combined the ‘1 Blue Turquoise Stone 12mm’ ring with several white fill rings and a shimmering zirconia fill ring.

wild2019 1

@ksnails_katjaschroeder combined the gold colored ‘Double Line white’ with a Top Part ring with the ‘Facet Crystal’ Top Part on a steel base ring. Fun and summer proof!

summer2019 2

@woonbymoon went for a timeless design with the ‘X Line’ in silver variant, the ‘Ball’ in black and the white zirconia fill ring. A perfect combination that you can wear all year long.

summer2019 3

@vera.tlsx chose for a tough design in which she combined the ‘Curb chain’, ‘1 Ball Fill Clear Crystal’ and the ‘Row Dots’.

summer2019 4

Furthermore, our jewelry was spotted on the hand of a very famous Dutch royalty: Queen Máxima! She wore a combination of the colors of the Dutch flag, during the photoshoot at the royal palace Huis ten Bosch.

ixxxi maxima2019 

Fall made everyone wild…

The animal prints were a real hit this fall. We saw the most beautiful combinations passing by, including these…

@Saschagossen: That ring! Those nails! It is obvious that Sascha likes to mix and match everything to perfection. The ring is a combination of the ‘Tiger’, ‘Zirconia 1 Stone Crystal’ in black, two Top Part base rings with the ‘Facet Champagne’ and ‘Drusy Dark Blue’ Top Part. The black base ring, ‘Zirconia Smoked Topaz’ fill ring and Hammerite fill ring in brown complete the picture.

wild2019 1

@nandaver Takes brown to the next level with this gorgeous combination! She combined the ‘Cobra’ fill ring with the ‘1 Ball Fill clear crystal’ in brown with the ‘Row Dots’ and the ‘Wave’ in brown.

wild2019 2

@loam_aixenprovence: ‘Wow’ best describes our feeling. Beautiful picture of not 1 but 3 rings that are combined impeccably. Describing them all would be a little bit long, that’s why we show the complete set below.

wild2019 3

Purrrfect combination by @ragdollcatsoi. She combined the ‘Leopard’ fill ring with the Top Part base ring and the ‘Facet velvet’ Top Part. She added the ‘Cobra’, ‘Ball’ and ‘Wave’ fill ring in brown to this. This delightful combination mkes us grin like a Chesire cat.

wild2019 4

End the year in style

It is only a couple of days until 2020! This Christmas iXXXi was worn in many ways, as it shows in the pictures below. Are you seeking inspiration for New Year’s eve? Then check out the combinations of…

@nanverburg She made a golden glam ring for Christmas! She combined white zirconia fill rings with the ‘Pyramid’ and ‘6mm 1 zirconia white stone’ fill ring. She styled several 1mm fill rings with this, including the ‘Sandblasted’ and the Zirconia 1 Stone Crystal’.

party2019 1

@sarah_knnkx chose for the ‘Two hearts’ pendant and took this this Christmaslike picure. Stylish!

party2019 2

Dark combinations are also beautiful for the holidays, proved @wonen_in_twente. She combined different animal print rings met the ‘Antlers’ fill ring on a black base ring.

party2019 3

Red, black, gold and silver. @Saschagossen combined it al land created a gold with silver combination with the ‘Star Crystal Stone’, ‘Chic’, ‘Ribbed’ and ‘Zirconia crystal’. The ‘smooth’ fill ring ties the whole ring together. Festive and chic for the holidays.

party2019 4

Cheers to you!

On behalf of our entire team at iXXXi JEWELRY we would like to thank everybody for a fantastic 2019. We wish everybody a happy New Year and look forward to 2020! Until next year!

ixxxi team