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Recognize this? There you are, ready in your best outfit to head off to the beach/the terrace/the city of your vacation destination. You want to add a nice necklace to your outfit and… All your necklaces are tangled! Or you can only find one out of two earrings you brought with you in your giant suitcase. We understand these pesky vacation exasperations all too well and have good news for you… This can easily be prevented with our vacation Lifehacks! Here’s how you can take your jewelry with you on holiday, carefree. 


Lifehack #1: Use a straw

Vacation destination: check. Outfit: check. Tangled up necklace: uhm... check… How many times hasn’t this happened to you? You are ready to go, and then your favorite neclace is tied up in knots.  To get this untangled again often takes (too) long, and… There is an easy solution to this! Put your necklace through a straw and close the lock. And you are done! This way your favorite necklaces will never get tangled up again!



Lifehack #2: The best medicine to everything….(iXXXi) JEWELRY!

This lifehack proves that medicine boxes are handy for a lot things, including jewelry! You can easily organize your jewelry by day or by occassion, whatever fits your preference. Sort it out with a medicine box and you are good to go!


Lifehack #3: It’s a wrap

Plastic wrap only for the kitchen? Not anymore. You can use this easily for packing your jewelry all together, and to keep them separated. This is how you do it:


Lifehack #4: Button up buttercup!

Take a couple of buttons, a simple standard button will do. Click or hang your jewelry into the buttons. Convenient to keep all your earrings and sets together. Plus it also looks really cute! If you don’t have buttons you can also use a piece of cardboard.


Lifehack #5 Sunglasses case

Have you ever thought of an empty sunglasses case for your jewelry collection? Often these cases are made out of  hardened material, so you can use them perfectly for your bracelets, rings and necklaces. Don’t have spare case? Then you can also use a small food container.


By the way, we also have very nice jewelry boxes. Our small travelsize jewelry boxes are perfect to take with you on your holiday and they look super stylish too. 

Happy Holidays!