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In this column we talk about a new look, and styling and inspiration tips for this look. This week in the picture… The sporty chic look! Do you want to know how you can style your iXXXi jewelry with the sporty chic look? Find our more…

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About the look…

The sporty chic look is a fact on the catwalk and on the streets. The look is a mixture of sporty items with chic elements. Think: comfy, simple and trendy. Of course this asks for an iXXXi JEWELRY look!
Whoever thinks sporty chic means that you walk around in tracksuit all day, nothing could be further from the truth. Sporty chic doesn’t mean you constantly look like you just got off the treadmill. The look does have sporty elements in it, which is characteristic for this style. You can perfectly combine joggers with high heels, or sneakers with pantsuits or a dress. If you combine it well, you can wear this look both casual and to work.

Who fits this look?

Fashionlovers that like to mix chic with comfortable.

When do you wear this look?

Daytime and evenings, to work and casual.

How do I style my iXXXi jewelry with this look?

This style is all about comfortable sporty items, mixed with chic accessories. Keep your jewelry understated and simple. This means minimal jewelry, solid colors and a minimal amount of bling. With sporty chic the art of ‘leaving out’ applies. Or like Coco Chanel put it years ago: “Before you leave the house, remove one piece”.
You can perfectly combine several iXXXi JEWLERY items together, as long as they don’t attract attention away from the outfit. Choose a couple of bold jewelry pieces and keep the rest of your look simple. Or simply pick one statement item.

ixxxi jewlery sieraden stijlen bij sporty chic look

Line up for sporty chic

A stripe or line in your outfit instantly gives a sportive touch to your look. From trousers with stripe, to stiped bomberjack, to T-shirt, this gives the sporty flair! In our collection we have striped fill rings in all the colors of the rainbow, so there is always a perfect match for you. Our model wears the ‘Line Red’ and the ‘Line White’ in combination with the ‘Round Red’. By bringing color accents into your jewelry, this is the perfect addition to your sporty chic outfit. Check out more examples with striped fill rings on our inspiration page.

streepje voor met stripe ring ixxxi

Solid colors

Sporty chic is about comfort and simplicity. By choosing solid colors you can easily create a sporty chic look. If yo keep your outfit simple, yu can realy go big with a statement jewelry piece (or several, if you can;t keep it to just one ????) Choose a base ring that matches the solid colors of your outfit, and pick maximum 2 to 3 different colors in your jewelry. For example white with yellow, or white with gold. By keeping it solid and simple your jewelry will really stand out!

sporty chic effen kleuren combineren

Top it off with Top Parts

Have you seen our new Top Parts? In the new RAINBOW collection are many colorful stones which makes finding the right color super easy. Mix two different kinds of hoop earrings together, and style them off with different Top Parts! Add a matching Top Part to your iXXXi ring combination and create a wow-effect!

top het af met top parts van ixxxi jewelry

Arm candy meets sporty

Are you looking for a colorful bracelet that also matches a sporty look? How about our Ibiza bracelets? Available in 9 sunny colors, and the match for a sporty chic look! (Also very nice in combination with other iXXXi bracelets)

arm candy meets sporty chic

Attention grabbers

Subtle attention grabbers can make your jewelry stand out. Always choose for simple color combinations so your jewelry ‘blends’ well with the total look. If you find mixing colors a bit too much, you can also go for ton-sur-ton and add 1 color to your iXXXi jewelry. This enhances the color of your outfit and binds the whole together beautifully. This way you can easily create that sporty chic flair!

aandachtstrekkers kleuraccenten toevoegen met ixxxi jewelry

Want to see more looks? Check our blogs, or go to your nearest iXXXi JEWELRY dealer!

Happy shopping!