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Are you looking for advice about which iXXXi JEWELRY color combination fits your ring? Say no more, because with these handy tips you get the latest combination tips with all fill rings from our new collection! In this blog we show you how to combine the colors white, yellow, orange, red and purple for spring. In Part 2 of our blog we show you how you can combine the colors pink, lilac, blue, green, black and the rainbow ring.

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Which color base ring should I choose?

Last week in Part 1 of our blog we explained how you can choose your color base ring. You can also choose your base ring based on your skin color and skin type. You can read our blog about choosing jewelry based on your skin color here. This creates the basis for your iXXXi ring.

Which color fill ring matches my base ring?

iXXXi JEWELRY rings can be adjusted completely to your personal taste. Basically every color fill ring matches every base ring. Therefore think about what look you want to wear before putting your iXXXi ring together. In the RAINBOW collection we have both matte and bright colors, plus an extensive zirconia fill ring collection. In this blog we discuss the following fill ring collection.

• Green
• Blue
• Lilac
• Pink
• Black
• RAINBOW ring

Per color we have added inspiration rings. Check which fill rings go on each combination by tapping the ring number.

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Combination tips for green

Green is a color that reminds of nature, balance and harmony. Green goes together with orange, yellow, blue, brown, beige, zwart, white and pink. This harmonious color matches every base ring. In spring this color is particularly pretty in combination with light blue shades and white.

iXXXi JEWELRY inspiration rings green

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #1, #2 and #3.

Combination tips for blue

Blue is a very accessible color that matches many different colors. In spring and summer light shades like turquoise and sky blue are favorites to combine. In autumn and winter dark blue is often chosen to combine. Blue matches well with: brown, white, grey, black, yellow, orange, red, lilac and green. Every color base ring matches with blue.

iXXXi JEWELRY inspiration rings blue

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #4, #5 and #6.

Combination tips for lilac

Lilac is in between pink and purple and therefore the ultimate spring color! Lilac is associated with wisdom, spirituality, femininity and protection. This color can be combined with pink, red, bluem white, black, brown, dark purple, dark green and beige. Lilac matches all base ring colors and matches exceptionally well with silver- and rose gold colored base rings. White ceramic base rings are also a very good combination.

 iXXXi JEWELRY inspiratieringen lila

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #7, #8 and #9.

Combination tips for pink

Pink is a soft color, that is often associated with femininity, playfulness, passion and love. Pink a good match with the following combinations: pink/red, pink/lilac, pink/blue, pink/green, pink/brown, pink/white and pink/grey. Pink is par excellence a color for spring. Also try adding pink Top Parts as a color accent to your iXXXi ring. The Top Part ‘Pink Stone’ and “Facet Pink” are realy two eye catchers. This color matches with every color base ring.

iXXXi JEWELRY inspiratieringen roze

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #10, #11 and #12.

Combination tips for black

Black is actually not a color, because the eye detects black through the absence of light. Black however is a color that matches many different iXXXi JEWELRY combinations therefore we will discuss it in our blog. Black matches every color base ring and with all colored iXXXi JEWELRY fill rings. In many designs a black plating is incorporated in the ring, which makes it very easy to combine with other ring designs.

iXXXi JEWELRY inspiratieringen zwart

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #13, #14 and #15.

Combination tips for RAINBOW ring

The RAINBOW ring has a high unicorn level, because in this ring all colors of the RAINBOW collection come together. The RAINBOW ring is a new variant on the ‘Sandblasted’ 4mm ring and really matches every color. Through the sandblasted surface all colors reflect. Which gives a playful effect for every combination. This nright colored ring really matches every base ring and is, though its colorful appearance, the perfect ring for spring.

iXXXi JEWELRY inspiration rings rainbow

Check here which fill rings go on ring number #16, #17 and #18.

These were our tips! In the end color combining remains a matter of taste, so always look at what you like. Check for more inspiration our inspiration page, or make your own ring with our online RingGenerator.

Happy combining!