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In this column we talk about a new look, and styling and inspiration tips for this look. This week in the picture… The romantic look! Do you want to know how you can style your iXXXi jewelry with the romantic look? Find our more…

romantic look ixxxi jewelry

About the look…

The romantic look is an ultra-feminine romantic look which is ideal for weddings, garden parties and summer dates with friends. The dress code is sunny, flirty, a bit chic, and sophisticated. To create the look you can wear soft pastels, dresses, flower prints, lace and refined jewelry.

Who fits this look?

To ladies who like feminine and elegant.

When you do wear this look?

This look can be worn both casual as to special occasions such as weddings and (garden) parties.

How do I style my iXXXi jewelry with this look?

Both ‘busy’ and ‘clean’ jewelry fit this style. Color is definitely a must, whether you show it in your outfit or jewelry. Stylewise it is best to opt for elegant. Think: small rings and bracelets and thin necklaces with pendant. This way you can keep the focus on your jewelry without distracting attention from your outfit.

its all in the details romantic look ixxxi jewelry

It’s all in the details

So they say: “Details make the bigger picture.” This is also true for jewelry for the romantic look. The right jewelry can make or break your look. Want to add a playfull element? Consider adding a ‘dancing’ Top Part to your iXXXi combination. These are Top Part rings that make the setting ‘dance’ around your ring. You can replace this Top Part very easily for another Top Part. This way you can design your ring to your desired color and style. You can also do this online via our RingGenerator. Let the combining begin!

romantisch collier met hanger ixxxi jewelry

Romantic necklaces for summer nights

Especially when wearing dresses, a beautiful necklace can style off your romantic look. Our Top Part necklaces are acailable in 8 different designs, so there is always a perfect match for you. In case Top Parts aren’t really your style; we also have a wide range of other fine necklaces and pendants to complete your look. Our necklaces are available in the lengths 40 up to 100 cm. Add some instant romance to your outfit!

tegenpolen trekken elkaar aan ixxxi jewelry

Opposites attract

Although colors in the same color hues almost always look good together, it is also fun to play around with contrasting colors. Wear for example an orange/pinkish top mixed with a green iXXXi JEWELRY ring. The colors may look contradictory at first, but combined together they make a great pair and a fun-tastic combination.

fijne armbandjes romantic look

Fine bracelets for a refined look

Since the wedding season has started, it is a good moment to invest in a couple of beautiful bracelets for the romantic look. This investment will pay off, because you can wear these beauties to official occasions and they are also super nice to wear on a daily basis. Our Ibiza and Top part bracelets are available in 9 different colors so perfect for combining.

The summer bracelets are available in 4 different models in steel, gold and rose gold edition. Discover which model suits you best at your iXXXi dealer!tell your love story with ixxxi jewelry

Tell your own love story with iXXXi JEWELRY

Summer setting, a cool party… Obviously this requires one of these dreamy pearl rings. Combine our 1 Pearl White and the Pearl Top Part with a summer accent color such as pink. The pearl creaes a timeless look, and the color creates that instant summer feeling for your jewelry. Tell your own love story with this gorgeous jewelry.

Want to see more looks? Check out our blogs, or go to you nearest iXXXi JEWELRY dealer!

Happy shopping!