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The holidays are on their way and therefore it is time to upgrade your sparkly jewelry. True fact: there’s not much that is as glamorous and festive as gold. Which is why we highlight some of the most beautiful golden combinations in this blog, so you can shine during the holidays. So if you weren’t on board with team gold yet, here’s why you want this in your jewelry collection before Christmas…

Golden fill rings on a silver colored base ring

Gold and silver match really well together. The combinations below show you how the two can be combined on a steel base ring. Just see how beautiful the gold stands out! In our collections we have various 2mm and 4mm rings which have both silver and gold colors in their designs. This makes them perfect for blending gold and silver fill rings together. For example, the ‘X Line’, 'X Row', ‘Oval shape’, 'Heartbeat', ‘Rope bicolor’ and ‘Double Gear’. These rings have both colors in their designs, so you can combine silver and gold together like a pro.

gouden vulringen met zilverkleurige basisring gecombineerd

Play with links!

A fun alternative for wearing a single necklace in gold, is wearing multiple necklaces with different types of links. Choose different links and lengths of necklaces, to accentuate the difference in links. A beautiful Top Part Charm or gold colored necklace pendant makes your set complete! You can also vary with different pendant sizes and shapes to create an interesting look.

gouden collierschakels combineren

Black and gold combined

Black and gold together is very versatile and has something chic to it. That is why gold and black fill rings deserve a place on your jewelry wishlist this Christmas. There are fill rings with a fully black coating, but you also have two-toned fill rings that have both black and gold added together in their designs. From left to right you see the gold and black fill ring ‘Slanting stripes’ and the ‘Zebra’ in gold and black. Add a nice fill ring with zirconia stones (For example one of those 2mm beauties from the Party Collection) and you are totally party proof!

goud met zwarte combinatie ixxxi

All that glitters is gold…

In your ears that is. Golden earrings (especially the longer ones) accentuate your face and give your look an instant glamour boost. Furthermore, earrings that end more than 1 cm below your jawline, optically make your face look slimmer. Good to know when you have a lavish Christmas dinner planned soon… ???? So don’t hesitate to go big on long earrings and combine them to your hearts desire with the new ear studs for a wow effect.

ixxxi oorbellen in gouden combinaties

Go all-in with gold

Lastly, all gold combinations are still one of our favorites for Christmas! Whether you go for an 8 or 16mm base ring, when you keep the combination completely gold your jewelry game will look stunning and super stylish!

Need more inspiration? Check out our inspiration page or create your own gold combination with our RingGenerator.

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