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iXXXi JEWELRY offers different base rings sizes to choose from. Besides different base ring sizes there are also different widths and colors. If you want to know how to measure your ring size, or simply want to double check, use this easy to use roadmap. You also find tips here on how to check which size fill ring you have.

Which ring sizes are there?

iXXXi JEWELRY offers different ring sizes. There are standard whole and half ring sizes from size 16 up to 21. The smallest size is 16, next comes 16,5, 17, 17,5, etc. In a diagram it looks as follows.

ixxxi jewelry ring sizes

The size is measurement is based on the inner size of the ring.

ringmaat opmeten methode

 The widths of iXXXi JEWELRY rings vary from 8 to 16mm.ixxxi jewelry basisringen

Which size fill ring do I need form my base ring?

For fill rings we advise the following: Do you have a whole size base ring? (Size 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21) Then you have the same size fill ring. Do you have half size base ring (Size 16,5, 17,5, 18,5, 19,5, 20,5 or 21,5) then you need a halve size bigger for your fill rings. For example: If you have base ring in size 16,5, then you need a size 17 for your fill rings. Do you have a size 17,5 in base ring, then you need a size 18 for fill rings etc.

How can I measure my own ring size?

You can use a couple of methods to measure.

Method 1: Print your ring size

This method is handy when you want to compare different sizes with each other. Via this link you’ll find a number of documents on the bottom of the page that you can print at home. In these documents are all the different ring widths. The sizes are shown with strips that you can cut out.

ixxxi jewelry ringmaat uitknippen

Cut the strip in the size you want to try on, and wrap it around your finger. When the striped part is fully covered, that is the right for you. Please note that the strip also fits over your knuckle, because this is the widest part of your finger.

Method 2: print your ring mould

This is useful when you want to measure your current ring size. Print out the document in this appendix. Use a ring of your own that fits you well (preferably a wide ring). Place the ring onto the printed ring moulds and check in which size it fits precisely. This is your iXXXi JEWELRY ring size.

Method 3: use a ruler

Another way to measure your ring size is by using a ruler. Use a ring from yourself that fits well, and place it onto the ruler. This way you can measure the inside of the ring. The number of millimeters is your iXXXi ring size. 

ringmaat meten met liniaal

We always advise to measure your ring size at an iXXXi dealer before purchase. This is the best way to check if the ring size fits, and if you are comfortable with the width of the ring.

Different ring sizes in summer/winter

Did you know you can have multiple ring sizes for one finger? Depending on whether it’s summer or winter your hands can expand by heat, or shrink slightly by cold temperatures. Most people have a bigger ring size during summer, opposite to a smaller ring size during winter. This is caused by the fact that heat or cold can change the finger circumference. This is why many people have so called ‘summer’ and ‘winter rings’. Your finger circumference can also change by your hormone levels, or by fluid retention.

Therefore always check ifyour hands aren't too hot or cold when buying a ring, because this can affect your ring size. It is best to measure your size at room temperature. 

The wider the ring, the tighter the fit

iXXXi rings are wider than standard rings. Therefore most people tend to have 1 or 1,5 size up in iXXXi rings, compared to their standard ring size. If you normally have size 17, for iXXXi you will probably have a size 18 or 18,5. When you wear wide rings, your hands and fingers may also warm up during the day. This causes your rings to fit tighter during the day, hence we always advise to fit your iXXXi ring at an iXXXi dealer. This way you can check which size you need, and try out which size fits most comfortably for you.

Pick your color

Do you want to know which color (base) ring suits your skin tone the best? In our blog we explain how you can check this and what to focus on. By following the steps you can find out which color looks best on you.

Want to read more tips? Check our F.A.Q. page for frequently asked questions.