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Earrings… We can't get enough of them! In our opinion the more the merrier. Would you like to know how you can create the perfect earparty? We give you 5 tips.

When you create an earparty you mix and match earrings of different sizes and lengths. You can choose for the same type of studs or hoops, but even more fun is to really create a party of different earrings! Show your style with these 5 party trics…

#1 Work from big to small

Whether you have 2, 3 or 10 earring holes in your ear, when you work from big to small you almost can’t go wrong stylewise. Always put the biggest earrings in your first earring hole, and then work your way from big to small (the smallest earring is in the last earring hole). Pay attention to the shape of your earrings and find a good balance between big and small. Play with shapes and sizes to create a beautiful whole of your earparty!

If you only want to go for studs (minimalistic look) our studs are ideal for combinations. You can easily create different styles daily to have a fresh new look every day. Do you prefer a bold look? Then the Top Parts with animal prints are super fun to combine with studs in different colors. For example, if you go for the snake print Top Part with golden stud, then the studs with brown zirconia stones match really well with this look.

earparty pendants ixxxi

#2 Break the style rules: combine base colors

It is often advised to keep your earparty in the same color (completely gold, or completely silver). Obviously these combination are always good, but if you dare to take your earparty to the next level, then a combination of two or more base colors is also super stylish!

By mixing two different base colors (such as gold and silver) you can create a big effect with a small twist. The color changeover makes your earparty stand out. Do it subtle of bold, it’s your choice. See our tips below for inspiration.

Mixing base colors subtle: Combine a silver colored Top Part with a Top Part with a golden edge. It’s a small detail but it makes the combination very special!

subtiele earparty

Mixing base colors bold: Combine a long silver earring with a gold colored stud. Or as shown in the video below, silver with brown. Style the long earring with small studs only to keep the look sophisticated.

#3 Play with lengths

Combining earrings in different lengths gives a playfull effect. Especially when you have different designs per ear. Try different hoop sizes for example. They are a statement on their own, but you can also style them together with a nice charm. Or 2… ;-)

speel met lengtes earparty

#4 Match your earparty with your bracelet / necklace / ring

How fun is it to to expand your earparty to the rest of your look? The Top Parts are ideal to let the design of your earrings come back in your other jewelry. Therefore choose a Top Part for your ear party and use the same Top Part in your bracelet, necklace or ring. You can also create this effect by choosing a fill ring that matches the pattern of the Top Part of your earring. When you choose a solid colored Top Part in silver or gold (or rose gold or black of course:)), bring this color back in the rest of your jewelry look.

oorbellen en ring match earparty

#5 Create an asymmetric earparty

The fact that anything can be mixed and matched for this trend may be clear. Therefore it also fun to create an asymmetric earparty. Especially when you wear several small studs you can combine them beautifully. Do you prefer to wear longer earrings asymmetric for your earparty? Go for one bold ear and one minimal ear.

We have put together a number of earrings to inspire you...

earparty voorbeelden ixxxi

Whatever your style is, there is always a perfect earparty to style!
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