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Summer! That means sun, sea, beach and time to bring on the bling. We understand that during the holidays you probably don’t want to wear big heavy jewelry. So, keep it light and airy and opt for small rings! Read all about our combination tips for the 8 and 10mm ring.

No ring without a solid base

At iXXXi you create your own ring by starting with a base ring. In this blog we give you tips on how style our smallest base rings, the 8 and 10mm together with small fill rings.

You can count on it

There is an easy way to calculate how many rings fit onto your iXXXi base ring. Take the width of your base ring minus 2 (in inches minus 0,08”). This is the amount of millimeters you have left to combine rings. For example, a base ring of 10 millimeters (0.39”) has 8 millimeters (0,31”) left to combine rings with. Especially for these small rings we have some inspiration tips for you.

It’s the little rings in life

Six and eight millimeter might sound small, but you can create beautiful combinations with it! Naturally you can style them with a couple of fill rings in 4 or 6 mm. Our tips however are all about how you can style those 8 and 10mm base rings with small fill rings only. In this blog we'll discuss how you can style your ring with 1 and 2mm fill rings.

keramische ringen ixxxi

Ceramic crush

Have you seen the ceramic rings from iXXXi? These are special 1 and 2mm fill rings that are complete ceramic. The 1mm variant is available in white and black. The 2mm variant is available in white, black and brown. Very summer-like to combine with gold, or fill rings with color. We love it!

verschillende 2mm-vormen-ringen-ixxxi

In good shape: playing with differences

By adding different shapes to your iXXXi ring, you create more depth in your ring design. You can find many different 2mm shapes in our collection. From left to right you see the ‘Pyramid’, ‘Ball’, ‘Caviar’ and ‘Mambo’ fill ring. This is just a small part from our collection, because there are many more different fill rings with shapes. Also try out the online RingGenerator. This enables you to create your own 8 or 10mm ring!

hot patterns ixxxi jewelry

Pick a pattern

Patterns are hot! These 2 mm fill rings are playful and add that little bit extra to your combination. You can combine several patterns together for a special effect. All pattern rings are available in silver, gold and rose gold. Combine gold- or rose gold colored rings with our steel rings to make your summer combination timeless.

zirconia vulringen ixxxi jewelry

A touch of glam with zirconia fill rings

Is hunting diamonds your cardio? Then our zirconia fill rings are just the thing for you! With these shiny fill rings you can easily create a glam combination! All that’s left to decide is…

Color or no color?

In white zirconia stones there is a difference between shiny zirconia stones (with a shiny, polished look) and matte zirconia stones. Matte white zirconia rings have white balls in their design. On the left you see a 2mm fill ring with the white balls (‘Zirconia White Stone’). This ring is also one of our Best basics and fits almost every combination. Because of the glossy coating the ring will never be fully matt, however it blends well with the rest of the combination.

Colored zirconia fill rings are available in every color of the rainbow. Whether you prefer bright red or aqua blue, for every color there is a fill ring. Check the collection overview for all colors, or the inspiration page for colorful examples.

1mm fill ring ixxxi jewelry

1mm fill rings

The 1mm fill ring can be used to prevent your ring combination from spinning. This is a much used trick and a good alternative for the colorless elastic band.
You can also use the 1mm ring as a subtle detail in your ring. Especially when you style small 8 or 10mm base rings, it might be useful to add some 1mm rings to your combination. This way you can combine several sizes fill rings on small base rings, and it can be a good way to prevent your rings from spinning.

Have fun with creating your own small summer ring!