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It's almost that time of the year again, the day of love! Perhaps this year Valentine's Day will be even more special than previous years and therefore we would like to give you some gift inspiration for this loving day. Who has a special place in your heart, and would you like to surprise this Valentine’s Day? Your best friend, mother, grandmother, aunt, maybe that sweet neighbor, your lover or... do you want to give your lover a subtle hint? We've got it all! Jewelry is the perfect gift to say, 'I love you', right? Get inspired by the gift ideas below!

Love is in the smallest things!

Have you already seen this sweet little necklace? Love can be found in the smallest things and that's why this necklace is perfect for Valentine's Day! For this necklace we combined our 'Collier Slim Ball' in the color rose gold with the 'Top Part - Heart'. We also have this combination in gold and silver for the lovers!

ixxxi jewelry Valentinesday Valentine love gifts giftseason giftinspiration necklace top part rose gold

Spread the love

You just can’t go wrong with a ring from iXXXi. Because of the interchangeable concept you are able to create a special ring that no one else has. This is what makes the gift so unique. And who doesn't want to surprise that special someone with a unique gift? With the base ring and fillrings, of your choice, you can always create a new combination, so it never gets boring.

This beautiful combination consists of an 8mm gold base ring and is filled with the following fillrings: the 'Small Circle Stone', the 'Yellow Shell Stone Square' and the 'Ceramic Pink'.

Did you know we also have an XS-Collection in which you can wear the fillrings separately next to your iXXXi ring combination, for example on your middle or index finger? Below you see the 'Palace' and the 'Mini Glamour Stone' fillrings from this XS-Collection. This combination is beautiful with the base color gold, but are you more of a rose gold, silver or black type? That's no problem! This combination can be made in all basic colors.

ixxxi jewelry Valentinesday Valentine love gifts giftseason giftinspiration ringcombi ringcombination XS collection gold combination

Beauties for in your ears

To complete your look, a pair of iXXXi ear studs can’t be missing in your collection of course. Do you have multiple earholes? Then you can use these items to create a beautiful ear party. The 'Ear studs Heart' are the perfect suggestion for Valentine's Day and are available in the following color combinations: silver with gold, silver with rose gold and completely in silver. For example, you can wear these ear studs in your last earhole combined with our 15mm Creoles with a Top Part of your choice in your first earhole.

ixxxi jewelry Valentinesday Valentine love gifts giftseason giftinspiration earstuds earrings earparty hearts

One love, one heart

This combination makes every heart beat faster. Matching the glitter fillring with the heart fillring makes this ring perfect for Valentine's Day! We've put together this Valentine's Day combination with an 8mm silver base ring filled with the 'Small Circle Stone' and 'Symbol Heart' fillrings. Do you absolutely love the glittery, 2mm wide 'Small Circle Stone' fillring? We also have a 4mm version in our collection, called: the 'Big Circle Stone'! How do you combine these striking items in your iXXXi combination?

ixxxi jewelry Valentinesday Valentine love gifts giftseason giftinspiration ringcombi ringcombination silver ring silver combination

Men's desire

Not only women can enjoy jewelry; men can do that too! That's why we have some great gift ideas for your lover. For example, the cool 'Ferrari' ring or the 'Jules' bracelet, or even better, combine these great items together! Looking for more inspiration to surprise your love? Check out the entire iXXXi MEN collection here.

ixxxi jewelry Valentinesday Valentine love gifts giftseason giftinspiration ixxximen men jewelry bracelet ring for men

Do you want to surprise that special someone, especially this year? Or do you want to pamper yourself with one of the above combinations? Check out your nearest iXXXi Store and take a look at the shop alternatives, or order them online!

We wish you a very happy Valentine's Day with lots of love. Xoxo Team iXXXi JEWELRY

‘You will forever be my always!’