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Summer lovin'... We're already in the most wonderful season of the year, the summer! Most people are probably getting ready for a ‘staycation’ this year, but you can’t miss these essentials at home either. With this guide for summer season we would like to prepare you for this beautiful summer.

Watch more sunsets than Netflix

Sunglasses are a real must, especially in the summer months. Not only do you look stylish with sunglasses, but it also gives your eyes rest and stops harmful UV rays. This timeless ‘pilot’ variant is available in 7 different color combinations and can be worn by both men and women. Choose a color to match your jewelry and create your own sunshine.

ixxxi jewelry guide for summer season summer sunglasses sun

Anklets party!

If you say summer, you say anklets! You can’t have more than enough of these. At the moment you see our 'chunky item' the 'Ankle with Charms' a lot from the new collection, but of course we have a lot of more colorful anklets in our collection. Combine one of the 'Wax Cords' with matching 'Top Part' or add the 'Arrow Chain' to your ankle party!

ixxxi jewelry guide for summer season summer sunset anklets

Layer it up

The more necklaces you mix with each other the better! Convenient, so you don't have to choose which necklace is your favorite. Within our collections we have different lengths of necklaces, but also many different styles. Find your ideal necklace length here! How nice is it to combine all this with each other? For example, our silver 'Necklace with Charms', in length 40 cm from our new Paradise collection, fits perfectly with our silver 'Collier 1mm (grey beads)' in length 55 cm. Combine this 1 mm necklace with a matching Charm like the 'Sea Star' and create your own layered necklace look.

ixxxi jewelry guide for summer season summer sunset layer necklaces charms

Wow, we're going to Ibiza!

Do you remember our iXXXi Bracelet Ibiza in all those bright colors? That will make you happy right away! This silver bracelet comes in 9 different color combinations and is easy to combine with other nice items from our collection such as: the 'Ankara', the 'Dakar' and the 'Montevideo'. So, the bracelet party is complete. Do you also love mixing and matching your iXXXi Jewelry bracelets? Share your armparty on social media with #ixxxijewelryarmparty!  

 ixxxi jewelry guide for summer season summer sunset bracelets ibiza Ibiza armparty armcandy

Dreaming about traveling...

Even with a possible 'staycation' it is nice to store and transport all your jewelry in a safe way. Our Travel Pouch is the perfect item for that. This beige colored 'pouch' made of smooth and shiny leather, covered with a soft suede fabric, has all kinds of handy storage pockets for our jewelry. All your rings and summer essentials such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earstuds can be stored in here. Fold the Travel Pouch and button it up so you can close it. This way you can't lose anything on the way.

 ixxxi ixxxijewelry guide for summer season sunset sun travelpouch travel pouch

Girls just wanna have sun

“I have enough jewelry”, said no one ever. Luckily, because we have plenty of fun items to add to your earparty! Especially our summery 'Earstuds' are really indispensable in your collection. Our paradisiacal symbols: the 'Flamingo', the 'Palm Tree', the 'Sea Star' and the 'Shell' are also available as studs, so you can steal the show on the beach! 

ixxxi ixxxijewelry guide for summer season sunset sun earstuds earrings earparty


‘The tans will fade but the memories will last forever!’