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Do you prefer short, long or in the middle? There are so many different lengths of necklaces available that there is one for every occasion. But which length matches your figure and face? Which necklace matches what outfit? And something such as a niversal necklace length exist that suits everybody? We found out for you…

These are the different lengths of necklaces

To make it easy for you we have made an overview of all necklace lengths. This way you can easily find out what kind of necklace you are looking for.

• 25-40 cm are called ‘chokers’. They go tightly around the
• 40-45 cm falls just above or on your collarbone.
• 45-50 cm falls on or just under your collarbone.
• 50-60 cm falls on or just above the chest.
• 60-80 cm falls in the middle of the chest or just below the chest.
• 80-100 cm falls on or below the chest.

When you wear a pendant with your necklace , your necklace will hang somewhat lower than when you would wear it without a pendant.

necklace lengths

Which necklace matches with your face

Did you know that for every face shape there is a ‘perfect’ necklace length?

 face shapes

For face shapes you can roughly choose out of 6 types: round, heart, square, rectangle, diamant and oval. Depending on your face shape there are different necklace lengths that look good on you. Do you have a.

Round face? Then longer necklaces between 60cm and 90cm will always look good on you. This is because these necklaces accentuate the length in your face. These necklaces will elongate your face and make it look less round.

Heart shaped face? Short necklaces such as chokers and necklaces between 25cm and 45cm will look nice on you. The short length of the necklace draws the attention to the necklace, and ‘softens’ a pointy jawline.

Square face? Short necklaces between 25cm and 50cm will look good on you. This is because the attention is drawn to the neckline. Because the necklaces fall in a round shape around the neck, it softens the ‘angles’ of your jawline.

Rectangle face? Short necklaces between 25cm and 50cm look very good on you. Because a rectangular face has a longer shape, longer necklaces will accentuate the length of your face. Therefore choose short necklaces that accentuate the width of your face. This also creates an optically shorter jawline.

Diamond shaped face? You can wear almost every length necklace. With short necklaces you draw the attention to the neckline. With longer necklaces between 60cm and 100cm you draw the attention to the length of your face.

Oval face? Congratulations, almost any necklace length suits you. You can wear both short and long necklaces.

Naturally these necklace lengths are just tips, because in the end it really depends on what you like. The lengths mentioned above are lengths that will always suit your face. But if you have a round face and you simply prefer short necklaces, then of course you should wear them! Most importantly you should stay close to your own personal taste for the best result!

Use a string

If you don’t wear necklaces often and truly have no idea which length looks pretty on you; use a string! Measure a piece of string and cut it off at the desired necklace length. Mind that you always cut off 2 extra centimeters to tie the string at the end. This way you can easily check if the length that you had in mind actually suits you. Of course you can also use a ribbon for this. 

By the way, if you are planning on wearing a pendant on your necklace, then the necklace will fall somewhat lower on your neckline because of the weight of the pendant. Plus a handy tip: the thicker the chain, the shorter your necklace will fall on your neckline.


Universal necklace length

‘Is there no standard length that looks good on everybody?’ You may think. The answer is no, because a necklace looks different on everybody. What suits you depends on your shape, face type and the length of your neckline. A necklace can look very different on somebody with a small petite silhouette and small neckline, and somebody with a fuller silhouette and a thicker neckline. It is true that necklaces with a length between 45cm and 50cm will suit most people. The reason for this is that necklaces with this length usually fall exactly on or just over the collarbone of the neckline.

lange kettingen

Which necklace matches what figure

Depending on what part of the body you want to emphasize, you can adjust your jewelry to your figure. The right jewelry can accentuate your figure, But you can also use them to attract the attention away from areas that you don't want to emphasize.

If you want to accentuate you can choose for necklaces that fall on or around that body area. Big statement necklaces are key items to do this. Layering is also a good way to draw the attention to for example the neckline or the cleavage.

If you want to distract the attention from certain body areas, keep your jewelry simple and inconspicuous. Another smart trick to do this is to pick jewelry that focusses the attention on other body parts you want to highlight. This can be with striking earrings to accentuate the face, or with a chunky bracelet to highlight your hands and wrists.

In general when you are tall, long necklaces will suit you well. This is because the length of the necklaces will accentuate your posture. Are you small and petite, then it is best to wear necklaces that will optically make you look taller. You can then choose for necklaces that fall low on the chest or just under the chest area. If you have an average posture you can wear almost any length necklace.

close up 2

Matching necklaces for every outfit

Not one outfit is the same, and therefore there is no standard 'protocol' for finding the ideal necklace lentgh for an outfit. Therefore, always keep in mind what you want your look to tell about you. If you want to look sporty or simple, match your jewelry accordingly by keeping it plain and minimalistic. If you want to look a bit more glamorous, then you can choose for a short statement necklace or a necklace with a bold pendant. If you prefer a chic look, both fine and big necklaces will complement the look.

And lastly: if you love it, wear it! If you get very happy from necklaces that don't fit into these tips perfectly, then wear them! Most importantly you must feel beautiful and happy with the jewelry that you wear, because that's how you'll always exude confidence.

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