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With spring right around the corner, it’s time for new trends in fashionland! Every year, there are a few fashion trends and colors which are proclaimed to be the hits of the season and therefore really shouldn’t be missing in your closet. And to help you out, we list them for you! This blog will be all about the upcoming trends and fashion colors and also how you can combine them with the iXXXi JEWELRY-collection! Curious? Then read on…

Trend #1 Pop of blue

Pop out! With the “Pops of Blue” trend, you can lift every outfit to a higher level by adding a blue accessory. The fun part about this trend, is that you can combine and wear it in so many ways! You can totally rock that one outfit that could use a boost, just by adding a Pop of blue! Is a blue hat or a blue bag a little too outspoken for you? Try to combine your outfit with a blue accent in your iXXXi ring, bracelet or necklace. For example; add a blue fillring like: the ‘Balls’ or the ‘Sandblasted’ to your collection!

ixxxi jewelry springtrends SS21 pop of blue

Trend #2 Wrap it up!

A trend that returned from the 50’s and 60’s are headscarfs. Scarfs are available in all sorts of prints and colors, but we like to link this trend to two trend colors of this spring/summer: “Marigold” and “Burnt Coral”. This orange and salmon pink color already makes us look forward to summer! Besides being a very fashionable item, the headscarf is multifunctional because it also protects your hair. As far as we’re concerned, a lovely trend! Try and combine our pretty ‘Oval Chain Stone’ earrings with your headscarf or add the colorful fillring ‘Zirconia Sun’ or Top Part ‘Drusy Red’ to your iXXXi ring combination!

ixxxi jewelry springtrends SS21 headscarf burnt coral marigold

Trend #3 Pastel all the way

Pastel shades have been a staple of the fashion scene for a number of years now and certainly can not to be missed this year either! By wearing these soft colors ton-sur-ton or colorblocking, you can totally stand out from the crowd this season. Since the colors “Cerulean” and “Green Ash” are also the trend colors of this year, you can dress effortlessly in this trend! A cute bracelet like ‘Malediven’ in the color green or blue, combined with ‘Bracelet Curacao’ is also well to wear with this trend. Or do you prefer to add the fillrings ‘Zirconia light green’ or ‘Ceramic Blue Shell’ to your rose gold colored base ring?

ixxxi jewelry springtrends SS21 pastelcolors green ash cerulean

Trend #4 Got it from my man

The oversized ‘man-looking’ blazers are on trend. Preferably with a big shoulder pad in it, to make it as big as possible! We at iXXXi JEWELRY think that when you like to wear such a statement, you have to pair it up with some jewelry that stands out! Therefore, choose a large silver 14mm wide base ring, 24mm hoops with colorful Top Parts like ‘Facet Pink’ or ‘Drusy Pink’. Or do you prefer some cute bracelets like ‘Madrid’ or ‘Vienna’ to enhance your outfit? Neutral colors and powder blue are on trend this season, but an outspoken color like “Raspberry Sorbet” certainly does not look out of place and is a good match as far as we are concerned!

ixxxi jewelry springtrends SS21 got it from my man Raspberry sorbet

Trend #5 70's inspired

With influences from the 70’s, this will be the last trend that we will discuss: Camel and Yellow. These colors give dimension to your outfit and match also really well with another set of trend colors: “Illuminating” and “Rust”. You can wear a collier by choice with a camel or yellow Top Part like: ‘Facet Yellow’ or ‘Smoked Topaz Stone’ or combine your iXXXi ring with fillring ‘Double Zirconia’. We think this trend matches very good with gold colored jewelry, but you can wear whatever you like!

ixxxi jewelry springtrends SS21 70's inspired camel yellow

Curious on how the trend colors will look on your ring combination? Then take a look at our Ringgenerator. You can easily combine your current base- and fillrings with the colorful fillrings on your wishlist! As you can see there are countless new trends and combinations you can go with this season!

Do you feel like getting more inspiration after reading this blog? Then take a look at our Pinterest board full of outfit inspiration including how to combine with our iXXXi JEWELRY!


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