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Fall is upon us! It’s the time of discoloring leaves, walks in the woods and cocooning on the couch. With the start of the new season it is high time for new jewelry! Read all about the color of the season and why brown is the new black.

It is one of the most underestimated colors when it comes to jewelry. It is often assumed that brown is boring, or difficult to combine. Sounds familiar? Then it is time to consider brown as a serious option for your jewelry stash. Brown allows you to give color to your jewelry and it is a versatile color that matches with every other color. Do you think you are more a silver, gold or rose gold type? Then check out these combination options for inspiration…

Silver and bruin

Silver and brown is a timeless combination that looks very neutral. It is often thought that silver and brown don’t match well together, but it is a duo that complement each other. The cool undertone of silver keeps the combination neutral, and the brown adds warmth to the whole. Black, brown and silver is also a playful and rough combination. Very fall-ish and on-trend!

zilver en bruine ring combinaties ixxxi

Rose gold and brown

In the iXXXi JEWELRY fall collection you will find many brown colors. The animal print rings and new Top Parts have many brown colors in their designs. These can be combined well with rose gold when you go for a warm look. The bronze glaze of rose gold is enhanced through the warm brown tones. Rose gold looks somewhat ‘softer’ with brown, than gold with brown. This is because rose gold is in line with brown, which makes it a harmonious combination. Try it out!

rose en bruine ring combinaties

Gold and brown

How do you make gold pop from your ring? Brown is your answer! A brown ring combined with a gold ring enhances the golden glow of your fill rings. In the combinations below you see various 2mm and 4mm fill rings combined with gold. We think these are winners!

goud en bruine ring combinaties ixxxi

Solid as a rock

Are you in search for something more natural? The natural stone tiger eye is incorporated in the fall collection, and is amongst others processed in the beaded bracelets ‘Kampala’ and ‘Capetown’. These bracelets are available in silver, gold and rose gold variant.


Top it off

Do you only want to add a small brown accent to your combo? Then the Top Parts in brown tones might be something for you. They also look stunning as pendant on a necklace, or as pendants on hoop earrings. Combined with the Top Part bracelets with wax cords (available in every color) they make a perfect pair. Check out all Top Part jewery and the new collection at your iXXXi dealer or in the collection overview.

Why brown is the new black

Black is often perceived as ’safe’ and the go-to color when you are not sure what to wear, or what is appropriate for a certain occasion. Black is also known as a color that is slimming, and therefore remains immensely popular.
Nonetheless black is also a color that can look a bit ‘hard’ on certain skin tones. Brown has many qualities that black also posseses, such as the fact that it matches every other color. It can also be worn chic, and it is a color that is available in so many tones, that there is always a suitable brown tone for you. If you are a cool type, the taupe, kaki and light browns look good on you. If you are a warm type then chocolate brown and all caramel tones work well for you. Brown also happens to match all the trend colors of this autumn, so it is high time to take a closer look at these colors. This way you are fall-ready for the new season!

Trend colors fall/winter 2019/2020

This fall and early 2020 the trend colors* are diverse and warm. Roughly we can distinguish 16 new trend colors for fall. All trend colors match brown perfectly, therefore we highlight the trend colors for this fall below.

trend kleuren najaar winter 2019 2020

Evening blue, galaxy blue and bluestone

The blue of this fall is ‘Galaxy Blue’, ‘Evening blue’ and ‘Bluestone’. These are two dark blue shades and a lighter blue shade that looks like Prussian blue. All 3 colors will look good on most people. Brown and blue look great together, depending on the shade you choose. Especially lighter shades such as cognac and caramel brown really lighten up blue in a jewelry combination.

trendkleuren blauwtinten 2019 2020

Chili pepper, biking red and fruitdove

‘Chili pepper’ and ‘Biking red’ are red tones for fall and can best be described as a ‘spicy’ red (think chili pepper red) and dark red that tends towards burgundy. Red is a powerful primairy color that suits brown and black very well. ‘Fruitdove’ is a flamboyant pink that suits an outspoken jewelry taste.

trend kleuren najaar 2019 roodtinten

Crème de pêche, peach pink, dark cheddar and orange tiger

‘Crème de pêche’, ‘Peach pink’, ‘dark cheddar’ and ‘orange tiger’ are orang shades for this fall. Whereas ‘Crème de pêche’ is a very soft orange shade, ‘Orange tiger’ resembles a popping and outspoken orange. All orange shades match perfectly with brown.

trend kleuren najaar winter 2019 2020 geel

Rocky road, sugar almond and vanilla custard

Rocky brown is deep dark brown, and sugar almong has (as the name implies) the color of almonds. The last color, ‘vanilla custard’ almost sounds like a delicious meal , but actually it is a very light crème white.

trend kleuren najaar 2019 bruin

Eden, guacamole en Paloma

Eden is a forest green, whilst guacamole has the same light shade as the advocados that guacamole it is made of. Paloma is a neutral grey that matches every look.

trend kleuren najaar 2019 groen

These are the trend colors for fall! Which color do you combine with brown?



*Source: www.pantone.com