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Everyday it's denim day...

Are you also crazy about jeans? Denim is for everyone. Do you like to wear your jeans classic, sporty or tough? You couldn’t wear denim wrong, it’s impossible. In this blog we tell you about all different sorts of denim styles for 2020 and how you combine them with our iXXXi Jewelry collection.

Shades of blue

Turquoise, royal blue or navy… With our fill rings and top parts in all different shades of blue you can create easily pretty combinations matching with your outfit. These blue colored products match the best with our silver-, black colored and ceramic base rings. In our collection we’ve got various 1mm, 2mm and 4mm fill rings were the color blue is leading. For example, the ‘Line Blue’, ‘Zirconia Light Sapphire’‘Hammerite’'Sandblasted’. And from our new Paradise collection the 'Aruba’‘Bonaire’ and the ‘Amber Shell Cover’.

Combine to match the style

The denim jeans can be worn at all different ways and can create immediately a ‘style statement’. Do you also like to finish your look? Be sure you pick the right items of our collection! We are more than happy to help you with that...

Classy denim

A classic look is simply created by wearing a ‘Highwaist Skinny’, with a tight-fitted blouse and some killer heels. Complete this classy look with our silver colored 10mm base ring filled with the ‘Zirconia Light Sapphire’, the 'Top Part Base', our Top Part ‘Light Sapphire Stone’, the ‘Light Sapphire 1 Stone Crystal’ and the ‘Giraffe’.

ixxxi jewelry denim blue blog vulringen classy


Sporty blue

The ‘Mom Jeans’ is easy to combine with platforms sole sneaker and oversized blouse. With sportive looks you normally doesn’t see that much jewelry, but in our collection, you'll also find some items with a sporty touch! Go for our 12mm Ceramic base ring with the ‘Double Line White’‘1mm Sandblasted’, ‘Ceramic’ and the 'Aruba’.

ixxxi jewelry denim blue blog vulringen sporty

Tough in jeans

The ‘Ripped Jeans’ is nowadays an essential item in your closet. No matter how you combine this item, you always look cool in it. Our black colored 16mm base ring fits perfectly with this look! Filled with the ‘1mm Sandblasted’, the Amber Shell Cover’, the ‘Matt Black Stone 10mm’, ‘Flat Circles’, the ‘Blue Amber’ and the ‘1mm Sandblasted’.

ixxxi jewelry denim blue blog vulringen tough

Bohemian denim

Last but not least the ‘Bootcut Flared’. For women, this is maybe the best jeans which is ever made. With this item you can create every look you want. We combine this look with fresh colors and playful combinations out of our new Paradise collection. Go for the silver colored 14mm base ring filled with the ‘Ball’, the ‘Blue Paradise’, the ‘Top Part Base Dancing’, the ‘Top Part Drusy AB’, the ‘Ceramic Blue Shell’ and again the ‘Ball’.

ixxxi jewelry denim blue blog vulringen bohemian


How do you finish your denim look? Create your own combination online with our Ringgenerator or go find your nearest iXXXi dealer. Enjoy shopping! 

‘When in doubt, wear denim, always...’


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