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Hurrayyyy! Our new Autumn Collection has just been launched! Therefore it is high time for an update about these sparkling new gems. You can read about it here in our blog. This way you will be totally ready for the new season!

Rough Collection

The name itself is tough, and so are our new designs! The Rough Collection is inspired by tattoos and art, and it shows in the designs. They are tough, powerful and feminine, and the perfect addition to your jewelry collection!

handen sfeerbeeld grijs

Black is back

In the new collection the color black runs through many designs. The color refers to power, elegance, mystery and style. It also refers tot he dark days of fall, which is also why this color fits well in the new Autumn Collection. Because black is a color that can be worn troughout the year, the designs will match many different looks. It is also a color that can be combined with many other colors.

Matte me crazy!

There is no doubt that our jewelry is shiny, but did you know that we have also added new matte jewelry to our collection? How about our fill rings ‘Stripes’, ‘Slanting Stripes’ or ‘Cartels’ for example? Beautiful in combination with other designs from the new collection (but also very nice in combination with designs from previous collections).


Top change rings

With our new top change fill rings you will literally give a whole new twist to your iXXXi look! The inventive Top Part system enables you to adapt your fill ring completely to your own personal taste. You can combine a Top Part Base ring with a changeable Top Part. This way you will have completely new ring combinations in no time! This means more choice, more combinations and even more styles for your (iXXXi) looks! Want want want!

Here you see a a few of the designs from our new collection:



…And as if all those goodies weren’t enough yet, we have another new scoop for you: the iXXXi MEN Collection is a fact! This collection focuses entirely on men, and exists out of (interchangeable) rings, bracelets and necklaces.


Stay tuned because this is only a small selection from our new collection. Go for the full overview to your local iXXXi dealer, and keep an eye on our website for more collection news and other updates.