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The new year has started, so that means time for a new blog! Naturally you want to style the most beautiful new iXXXi combinations this year to complete your look. Therefore we go back to basic… The 6 best basics to be exact, because good basics are half the battle! Here we tell you everything about our bestsellers and how you can match them with your look.


Best Basic #1: Sandblasted

The ‘Sandblasted’ is a basic that never goes out of fashion! This 1mm ring has a rugged top layer which gives the ring a semi matte finish. This ring has a light shimmer to it and is partially matte. This makes that you can combine this ring with every combination. Depending on how much you wear this ring, the ring will become more matte after wearing. If you want to enhance the shimmering, then you can easily make it sparkle again. (For tips how to do this, read our article here). This bestseller is also available in a 4mm variant so you can play with different sizes on your base ring, or you can straight away go all-in with the 4mm variant. The ‘Sandblasted’ also matches well with characteristic ring combinations.


Best basic #2: Zirconia crystal

Who doens’t love sparkly zirconia’s? This 2mm basic ring has beautiful zirconia stones all around, that maintain their shimmer because of the polished coating that preserves the stones against influences from the outside. No matter from which angle you look at it, this ring will always stand out! Which is why this beauty is part of our bestselling rings for many years and also happens to be one of our best basics. The ring is available in stainless steel and also with a gold, rose gold and black plating. If you don’t have this one already, then it is certainly a musthave for your iXXXi collection.


Best basic #3: Ball

This classic ring is one in a million. The design is stylish and timeless because these cute little bulbs can be combined with everything. Because of the bulbous surface this ring really refelcts the light beautifully, through which it stands out and is also easy to combine in many different combinations. Infact, this ring is so popular that is has been created in 7 different colours. So there is always one that fits your combination. Have a ball with this timeless basic.????


Best basic #4: Zirconia white stone

These are zirconia’s but just a bit different. Instead of glittering stones it is the white little bulbs that steal the show with this ring. Through its 2mm is can be combined perfectly with almost any combination. Sometimes it is assumed that because of its colurs, this ring is only beautiful in summer combinations. But the opposite is true, because it also looks fabulous in winter combinations. Check out these examples below. Fancy right?

basic angular

Best basic #5: Angular

The Angular ring is a 1mm basic that is a true eyecatcher in all its simplicity! Through the rounded corners that are visible all around the ring, this baby ‘catches’ the light from all angles, which creates a beautiful reflection. This is why a 1mm ring can still stand out a lot. Combine for example 2 ‘Angulars’ in different colours next to eachother. Bet you they stand out?


Best basic #6: Wave

The name says it all, because this 1mm fill ring thanks its name to the ‘wavy’ pettern on the ring. Just like the ‘Angular’ this is a small ring that stands out though simplicity. The ‘Wave’ is subtle and is particularly beautiful with multiple 2mm fill rings, but also with several sizes of fill rings. So if you were looking for the missing piece in your collection? With the ‘Wave’ ring you can style off every combination!

Whichever style you choose, with these 6 basics you are always on the right track! Combine them with other basic rings or with your favorite eyecatchers for a stylish look. Because with good basics you’ll have endless options and your iXXXo combination will stand out like no other! You can check out these basics at you local iXXXi JEWELRY dealer or online with our renewed RingGenerator. Be bold and wear basics!