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Jewelry… you never get tired of it. Time after time you see a nice fillring, necklace or a pair of earrings you want to add to your collection. We totally get it girl! Especially with the wide range of products from iXXXi, you will always see something new that you can’t resist. It’s true what they say: ‘a girl can never have enough jewelry’. In this blog we show you how to store all your jewelry nicely and fashionable so you will never lose the overview again. Are you curious? Then read on…

The Collection Box

As you may already know, the base rings and fillrings from iXXXi JEWELRY allow you to change and combine endlessly. How nice would it be if you could store all your base rings and fillrings in one of our fancy Collection Boxes? Great right? The Collection Box of iXXXi JEWELRY gives you an overview of which fillrings you have and how you can easily and beautifully combine them with each other! That’s not all… with the box you can keep all your jewelry nicely together, so you never lose a fillring again!

The Collection Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our ‘Collection Box small’ is specially made for all the base rings and fillrings from the iXXXi JEWELRY collection. For those who wants a larger size, we have the ‘Collection Box Large’. So, you don’t have to hold back, because we have storage space enough!

ixxxi jewelry storage collectionbox collectionboxes ixxxi collection box iXXXi JEWELRY collection box

Besides the fillrings, we also have the ‘Top Parts’ that you can mix and match on both the rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets from iXXXi. Do you already have a number of Top Parts in your collection or do they seem nice to you, and you want to keep them without losing them? Then the ‘Collection Box Small + Top Parts Space’ is the perfect storage box for you!

ixxxi jewelry storage collectionbox collectionboxes ixxxi collection box iXXXi JEWELRY collection box top part

The Travel Pouch

Do you love to go on a city trip, traveling, spending a night at a friend’s house or stay over at your boyfriend’s house? With our ‘Travel Pouch’ you can take your jewelry from iXXXi anywhere without ever forgetting or losing anything! Besides that, our Travel Pouch is not only super convenient, it also looks fashionable!

Unlike our Collection Boxes, the Travel Pouch is a bit smaller and you can also store your earrings, bracelets and necklaces in it! In addition to the fillrings, we stored the ‘4 Hearts Dangle’ earrings in the Travel Pouch along with the bracelets the ‘Malediven’ and the ‘Montevideo’.

Let’s go on. We all recognize the problem of necklaces getting tangled up in each other, right? Do you also have this problem way to often? Then the Travel Pouch is a real must! Because our Travel Pouch has a special compartment for your necklaces, so they won’t get tangled up anymore.

The Travel Pouch is not only useful for traveling, you can also perfectly use it in your room to store your jewelry. It is a cool accessory to have in your room because of the beautiful look!

ixxxi jewelry storage jewelry storage travel pouch iXXXi JEWELRY Travel Pouch

The Royal Glam Box

Do you want to give the finishing touch to your outfit? Then we also have another great accessory besides our jewelry, namely our ‘Royal Glam Box’! This bag is a real statement piece and makes your outfit complete. You can store your jewelry from iXXXi in it and take it anywhere, but you can also use it as a bag for all the other stuff you take with you every day!

This item is unique because of the sturdy wide strap with the iXXXi JEWELRY logo on it. These bags are available in different colors. On the picture below you see the ‘Royal Glam Box Gold’, but we also have them in pink, silver and black, so you can match this accessory to any outfit!

Not only your outfit, but also the jewelry from iXXXi matches perfectly with the Royal Glam Box. You might like to know… the iXXXi ring combination worn in the photo consists of an 8mm wide black base ring, filled with the de ‘Zirconia Blackstone’, the ‘1 Ball Fill Clear Crystal’, the ‘Sandblasted’ and the ‘Blue Amber’.

ixxxi jewelry storage jewelry storage royal glam box iXXXi JEWELRY Royal Glam Box iXXXi tasje

Did you get an idea of the possibilities to store your jewelry nicely and fashionable and is this the perfect solution for you? Then check out your nearest iXXXi store and take a look at the shop alternatives, or order them online!

A girl can never have enough jewelry, so she needs a lot of storage space!’