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My sandblasted ring has become scuffed. How do I fix this?

You can use soapy water for cleaning. Because of the rough surface of the sandblasted rings, they might attract dirt. When you want to polish them, do the following: Take an old toothbrush, lukewarm soapy water, a clean soft cloth and some dishwashing liquid.
Add some dishwashing liquid to your soapy water. Dip your toothbrush in the soapy water and brush your sandblasted ring clean. Then take some new fresh water and use this to brush your ring clean, and to remove the last bits of cleaning product. Dry your ring with the clean soft cloth and polish it. This will make your sandblasted rings shiny again!

How do I make my scuffed iXXXi jewelry shiny again?

All iXXXi jewelry is made out of steel. Steel is a hard kind of metal which, through its hardness is resistant to most scratches. iXXXi jewelry that has become scuffed however, can be made shiny again by brushing them with an old toothbrush. Use lukewarm soapy water to clean. You don’t need any cleaning products for this. After brushing, dry your jewelry and polish it with a soft cloth. This will make your iXXXi jewelry look like new!

How do I prevent discoloration of my ring?

Do you own a iXXXi JEWELRY ring with a gold or rose gold plating? Then it is possible that over time your iXXXi jewelry will discolor. The layer of gold (or rose gold) can wear off due to contact with water, or the pH level of your skin. If you want to prevent discoloration, then mind the following steps when you put on your iXXXi jewelry.

  • Take off your jewelry during showering, swimming, going to the sauna and before washing your hands.
  • When using perfume, bodylotion or hand creme, wait at least 10 minutes before putting on your jewelry.
  • Take off all your jewelry before going to bed.

Some fill rings tend to spin on my ring. How do I solve this?

You can choose to use an elastic rubber band or a 1mm fill ring. Both are sold separately at your local iXXXi dealer. When using an elastic rubber band, you can take the fill rings off your base ring and clip the elastic band around your base ring. Clip the band there where your fill ring spins. Then place the fill rings onto your base ring again and close the base ring by screwing on the top part.

When you do not want to use an elastic rubber band you can also opt for a 1 millimeter fill ring. Because these fill rings are so narrow, it gives just enough filling to prevent the fill rings from spinning.

When adding a 1 millimeter fill ring, it is possible that the base ring will get a little bit of extra space on the inside. Because you add the 1mm ring, the inside will not close entirely. (Often you see half a millimeter up to 1 millimeter space on the inside.) However, you will not feel this during wearing and it will not show on the outside at all.