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Which ring size you have depends on several factors. In general customers tend to have a bigger ring size in iXXXi JEWELRY rings because our rings are wider than most rings. Therefore we always advise you to visit your local iXXXi dealer to measure your size.

To measure your ring size yourself we have added a chart in which all our ring sizes are listed. You can download the chart here.

All iXXXi JEWELRY products are made of stainless steel.

All iXXXi JEWELRY products are made of stainless steel. All other colors other than silver color (steel color) are plated. These are stainless steel products with a gold, rose gold or black plating. The silver colored jewelry are non-plated.

All jewelry of iXXXi JEWELRY is nickel free.

You can find our collection overview here. You can also visit one our iXXXi JEWELRY dealers for personal advice. They are happy to advise you about our jewelry.

For fill rings we advise: If you have a whole size in your base ring (size 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21) then you have the same ring size for your fill rings. Do you have a half size in your base ring (size 16,5, 17,5, 18,5, 19,5, of 20,5) then you need half a size bigger for your fill rings. For example: if you have a base ring in size 16,5 then you need a size 17 for fill rings. If you have a size 17,5 base ring, then you need a size 18 fill ring etc.

No our jewelry is not waterproof. The stones and pearls on our rings are glued onto the steel settings, and can be affected by water. Most of our jewelry also has a plating which can be affected by contact with water. Therefore we advise you to take off your jewelry with showering, washing hands or swimming.

Do you own a iXXXi JEWELRY ring with a gold or rose gold plating? Then it is possible that over time your iXXXi jewelry will discolor. The layer of gold (or rose gold) can wear off due to contact with water, or the pH level of your skin. If you want to prevent discoloration, then mind the following steps when you put on your iXXXi jewelry.

• Take off your jewelry during showering, swimming, going to the sauna and before washing your hands.
• When using perfume, bodylotion or hand creme, wait at least 10 minutes before putting on your jewelry.
• Take off all your jewelry before going to bed.

You can send your jewelry item to us via our iXXXi JEWELRY dealers. Because we are a wholesaler we do not take up individual repairs. Therefore we request you to bring back your iXXXi jewelry to your local dealer.

If you lose a stone or zirconia within 6 months after purchase, you can return your ring to your iXXXi JEWELRY dealer. They will examine your product and send it back for replacement, or will replace your old ring with a new one. Don’t forget to bring your proof of purchase when returning the item.

We have collections for both men and women. The iXXXi JEWELRY jewels are for women. For men there is the iXXXi MEN collection. You can check our collections via the collection overview.

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You have a warranty of 6 months on all iXXXi JEWELRY products. All our jewelry is made from high quality materials. Should anything happen to your iXXXi JEWELRY item, then you can always return to your local iXXXi JEWELRY dealer. For more information on our warranty, click here.

Read more about our warranty

Do you have a question, do you want to make an appointment or want to know something about an order/ You can email or call us. We are happy to help! For more information check our contact page.