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Pendants are available in many different shapes and sizes. With a pendant you can really make a statement and show your personal style. Do you find it difficult to choose the right one? With these tips you can find out exactly which pendant suits you.

which ixxxi necklace pendant do you choose

An iconic pendant for every look

With the pendants from iXXXi JEWELRY you always have a beautiful jewel around your neck. For every necklace there is a suitable pendant, and in every desired color. For example we have silver colored jewelry, and jewelry with a (rose) gold or black plating.

iconic ixxxi pendants

If you prefer color, then you will have a ton of options with our Top Part necklaces. These are necklaces that have interchangeable Top Parts. So if you want to switch to a different color or stone, all you need to do is twist the Top Part out of the setting and switch in a new one. And you are ready to go with your new look!

Top part necklaces

Match your pendant with earrings

Do you love unity in your jewelry as much as we do? Then incorporating the design of your necklace into your earrings may be a good idea. Here you see our pendant ‘iXXXi Holland’ in silver, combined with the ‘Star’ pendant in rose gold. By matching the shape of the pendant with your earrings, you will get unity in your jewelry set. (This is also a good idea if you want to combine several colors together!)

match your pendant with your earrings

Solo, duo or tripple?

Which pendant matches you depends on the look you want to create. If you want a simple look, a solo pendant is usually the best match. The emphasis is on both the necklace and the pendant. If you choose for duo pendants then the pendants will stand out most. Two pendants on one necklace are also the way to go when mixing colors together in a single necklace.

If you dare to go big, you can also choose for tripple. This means you mix 3 separate necklaces in different lengths with 3 pendants. Do you find combining separate necklaces too much hassle? We have a complete tripple necklace with 3 layers in different lengths in our collection.

Do you prefer to combine things yourself? Work with different shaped pendants and length differences to give extra body to your look.

solo duo or tripple

Mixing shapes for an interesting look

Mix different shapes together for a special effect. Left you see the round pendant ‘Jeans’ mixed with the pendant ‘Angel wing’. The dark jeans color makes that the silver colored pendant ‘lights up’ against the dark pendant. On the right you see the same shape mixed in different sizes. Here you see the pendant ‘Holland’ in 19mm together with the ‘Blank’ pendant of 25mm. Classy and sassy!


Finding the right necklace for the right pendant

Not every pendant looks the same on a necklace. Always check if the thickness of the necklace matches the pendant you want to buy. For big chunky necklaces big and bold pendants look beautiful. For fine necklaces small pendants look fabulous. So always check the thickness of necklace chain when combining a pendant.

And size does matter, because depending on the length of your necklace you can combine several necklaces together. Big pendants look good on long necklaces (because they stand out through the length of the necklace). For short necklaces you can wear both small and big pendants.

Happy combining!

the right necklace for the right pendant


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